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On Monday, composite ammunition manufacturer True Velocity announced the sale of their first commercially available ammunition to the masses. The Texas based company celebrated this by offering a commemorative box set of twenty-two rounds of True Velocity ammunition, a branded DOPE book, and True Velocity challenge coin. The batch of ammunition being released by True Velocity is .308 Winchester.

Below, is the press release from True Velocity on their commemorative boxes.

Press Release

Opportunity to own the first commercially available True Velocity ammunition now online

GARLAND, TX (July 26, 2021) – Texas-based True Velocity announced today that civilian hunters and shooting enthusiasts can, for the first time, harness the unprecedented ballistic efficiency and game-changing accuracy of its composite-cased ammunition. The company unveiled a limited-quantity, commemorative box set containing premium .308 Winchester composite-cased True Velocity cartridges in a collector’s edition package.

Included in the commemorative package are 22 state-of-the-art, True Velocity .308 WIN composite cartridges loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition projectiles, a branded D.O.P.E. (Data on Previous Engagements) logbook and an official 1 MOA True Velocity challenge coin. The commemorative package will be available only while supplies last.

A full product video is available here.

“Shooting enthusiasts who want to own the most innovative, game-changing ammunition in the world don’t need to wait any longer,” said Kevin Boscamp, CEO of True Velocity. “This commemorative box set represents the first time that civilian shooters have been able to access our revolutionary composite case technology.”

With a 30% reduction in weight compared to traditional brass rounds, sub-MOA accuracy and extreme consistency in muzzle velocity, True Velocity’s precisely manufactured ammunition provides discerning shooters with an extraordinary performance advantage.

True Velocity plans to extend commercial availability of its ammunition to multiple calibers and configurations via direct-to-consumer, wholesale and retail channels later in 2021. Commemorative box sets are available only while supplies last.

For more information or to order ammunition, visit and click “Shop.”

The new boxes are available on True Velocity’s website and retails for $159.99.

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