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SIG is widely known for making some of the most popular firearms currently on the market. Yet, SIG has a diverse portfolio of products under their brand including ammunition, red dots, LPVO’s, prism scopes, thermal sights, and lasers. One of the most successful products for SIG has been their rangefinders optics. SIG has eight monocular models and one binocular model that range in price from $179-$1,319. Now, the company has added to their monocular lineup with the SIG SAUER KILO5K rangefinder. The KILO5K is the first entry into the KILO(K) series.

The new KILO(K) series was designed to provide users with updated technology advantages that have come to market that weren’t available before. The KILO features SIG’s extended range technology, it is compatible with Kestrel, Garmin, BaseMap, and SIG’s Ballistic Data Exchange (BDX) app and more. The KILO series also runs Applied Ballistics Ultralite engine to help with real time calculations in tandem with SIG’s BDX app. These new features come wrapped up in 7.5 oz body with 7x magnification.

Below is the product description and features of the new SIG KILO5K rangefinder.

Product Description

The new KILO5K 7×25 mm laser rangefinder monocular has a maximum reflective range of 5,000 yards and includes Applied Ballistics Ultralite onboard along with environmental sensors and supports BDX External (BDX-X) for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin devices. The Gen II LightWave DSP engine features new target modes: Extended Range (XR) and Fog mode along with First, Best and Last target. The rangefinder incorporates a segmented OLED display which provides range to target, elevation holdover and wind holds. All new KILO rangefinders connect with the BaseMap app to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured with the SIG SAUER BDX App. Learn more about connecting with BaseMap. All KILO K Series rangefinders leverage Low Energy / Long Range Bluetooth 5.x for multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX enabled riflescopes and sights. The KILO5K ships with a black/grey carry pouch and lanyard.


– Gen II Lightwave DSP Ranging Engine With Extended Range (XR) Mode
– Onboard Environmental Sensors for Real-time Ballistic Calculations
– Drop Remote Waypoints With Basemap App
– Applied Ballistics Ultralite With Complete AB Bullet Database, Up to 25 Custom Bullet Profiles and 8 Onboard Ballistic Group
– BDX 2.0 Enabled With Low Energy, Long Range Bluetooth

The new KILO5K will retail at $779.99 MSRP, which falls right in the middle of SIG’s price point for rangefinders.

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