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Last week, SIG Sauer released their new SLX and SLH suppressors to the market. The new suppressors were developed to meet the needs and stringent requirements of a U.S. military contract. The new SLX and SLH suppressors use strong and reliable materials for extreme durability in potential adverse user cases. The new suppressors will either be available in titanium or inconel for the build of the suppressor.

The SLH will come in either titanium or inconel depending on the model you choose. While all SLX suppressors models will be made with inconel. The SLH and SLX suppressors feature multi-flow path technology within these suppressors. This allows for a reduction of 50%-80% reduction in toxic fume blowback into the shooters face. This better exhaust allows the multi-flow technology to reduce the toxic fume reduction by 50% in the SLH and by 70%-80% in the SLX suppressors.

The SLX series of suppressors are designed to shoot subsonic ammunition. While the SLH is designed for shooters who will be shooting both supersonic and subsonic ammunitions. The SLH is purpose driven for for sound suppression and the SLX is designed for suppression and greater reduction of incoming gases to the shooters face. The new SLH and SLX suppressors will also features SIG’s new Clutch-Lok QD mounting system along with direct thread options.
The suppressors are available in .300 blackout, 5.56 NATO, and 7.62.

The SLX and SLH suppressors are currently available from Sig Sauer. The price will vary on which models of the SLH or SLX you purchase. For more info, head over to for more.

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