Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is all about making it easier for all Americans to have access to their second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. As, that being one of the core principles of the company PSA makes soild budget friendly options for the AR-15 and AK platform. Now, PSA is introducing a budget friendly option to the 5.7 pistol with the PSA Rock 5.7 pistol. The new pistol from PSA is chambered in the famous 5.7 cartridge that is used by the FN 5.7 pistol and the FN P90 PDW.

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There aren’t much details on the Rock 5.7 pistol. Some of the employees at PSA booth admitted it was there first time seeing the Rock pistol on the show floor.

What we do know is that the Rock 5.7 was completely designed and engineered in house by PSA’s R&D team. The Rock 5.7 is a striker fired handgun with a decent trigger. The pistol will come in two models: a non-threaded barrel model with iron sights and a threaded barrel model that will be optics ready. The optics ready model will feature an RMR footprint. Giving the Rock the ability to accommodate various red dot sights.

The PSA Rock will be available in the next 30-45 days according to reps at PSA booth. The new Rock will retail for $499 for the standard model and $549 for the threaded barrel model.

What do you think of PSA making a 5.7 pistol? Do you think it will sell if it’s a solid handgun? Leave your comments below.

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    • Yes, it doesn’t have a safety. The build quality was solid. Felt like it was a well put together gun. Finish a simple black cerakote. Reliability. I have no clue didn’t get to shoot it at all. Just got to take a look at it on the show floor.

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