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Last week, KCI USA unveiled their new magazine for the B&T APC9. The Korean magazine company also unveiled updated version of their Glock drum magazine as well as the Gen 2 of their AR-15 magazine. Let’s take a look at what KCI USA has to offer for this coming year.

B&T APC9 Magazine

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Owners of the B&T APC9 finally have a viable secondary option to standard B&T magazines. The new KCI magazine is a polymer based mag with reinforced top and feed lips. On KCI USA Instagram page the company has a video of them drop testing the new B&T magazine. In the video the KCI mag stands up to the abuse, which is a good sign for consumers looking for a less expensive alternative to the B&T mag. The new magazine from KCI USA will be out next month and will retail for $39.99. Coming in a few dollars cheaper than the B&T magazines, which retail at $44.99.

Glock Magazines

KCI is know for making a solid alternative to factory Glock magazines. Over the years the company has revised the design and made improvements. While also making state compliant 10 and 15 round magazines for those in need. A couple of years ago, KCI made a drum mag for the Glock pistol. It worked well in the Glock for which it was designed for but, many consumers attempted to run this Glock pattern mag in their PCCs. The magazine would have feeding issues and other failures. This is because the drum wasn’t the initially designed for PCC usage. Now, KCI has redesigned the drum mag so it will reliably run in a PCC.

Prototype AR-15 Magazine

Finally, the company displayed a new prototype AR-15 magazine. The magazine has a more Magpul look versus its Gen 1 counterpart. The new prototype features new metal insert around the feed lips and around the top of the magazine. This is only a prototype model so no release date or price point has been set.

What do you think about KCI USA’s new magazines offerings? Let us know in the comments below.

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