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At Shot Show 2022, I had a chance to meet Brad and his awesome team over at Tactical Dev. Tactical Dev is a small shop based out of Utah who are producing innovative accessories for the P365 X/XL/SAS platforms. This small team is also well known for the innovative accessories for the Flux Raider. During, Shot Show I spent a lot of time at their booth getting familiar with the outstanding lineup of accessories. Let’s investigate Tactical Dev innovative line of accessories it has to offer.

Tactical Dev original claim to fame was producing innovative accessories for the SIG P365 series of pistols. Tactical Dev was one of the first company’s who produced aftermarket parts for SIG’s new micro compact platform. The team at Tactical Dev had success early and often with their accessories for the P365 platform.

Tactical Application Rail

One of their first breakout success for the company was the Tactical Application Rail. The P365 X/XL/SAS comes with a proprietary rail system. Which naturally limited weapon light options for users. At release only a small number manufacturers would initially be catering to that proprietary footprint. Which immediately limited options for the end users. That’s where Tactical Dev’s Tactical Application Rail comes into play. This accessory allows for end users to convert that proprietary rail into a Picatinny one, which would allow users to use the light of their choice. The Tactical Application Rail is designed for SIG P365 and P365 XL.

Pro Ledge

Another great product from Tactical Dev for the P365 series is the Pro Ledge Tactical Rail. One of the main issues with micro-compacts is grip real estate. If you have average to large hands it is no comfortable place to put your support thumb to acquire proper grip. That’s where Tactical Dev’s Pro Ledge comes into play. It creates a gas pedal for you to rest you’re thumb on allowing for proper grip. Which in turn will let you control recoil better to hopefully shoot faster and with improved accuracy. The Pro Ledge also allows you to amount an weapon light as well to the Picatinny rail at the bottom. In turn solving two problems at once for the potential end user.

Drop In Trigger

Tactical Dev has provide solutions for the weapon light and proper grip. The company also gives end users an improved trigger with the Dual Flat Face Trigger. It’s a simple replacement of the stock trigger shoe. The new trigger gives you a flat face trigger with a nice crisp trigger break at 90 degrees. When you actually pull the trigger it feels the same yet more refined. The pre-travel is nice and short. Wall is well defined and prominent. The break of the trigger is clean and crisp. While the reset is short with a nice tactile feel and audible click. It is the same trigger pre-travel, wall, and reset but, feels more refined and composed.

Mags Extensions

Tactical Dev is also well known for making baseplate mag extensions. These extensions aren’t adding more rounds into the mix but adding grip surface to the firearm. Like most micro-compact pistol for the average to large hand your dominant hand can’t get a complete purchase on the firearm and you have your pinky in no man’s land. To fix this Tactical Dev created the Pro Ledge series of magazine baseplates to solve that problem. Now, shooters can get proper purchase (grip) with their dominant hand to really lock-in that pistol into their hands. The Pro Ledge baseplates are available for 10, 12, and 15 round SIG magazines.

Flux Raider Accessories

Tactical Dev SIG P365 accessories put them on the map within the SIG community. Yet, their Flux Raider accessories are there most prized and highly sought after. Tactical Dev’s accessories enhances the effectiveness and usability of the Raider platform to its full potential. These accessories in essence are simple in concept yet, how it changes the manual of arms for this platform can’t be understated. Let’s dive into the accessories available for the Flux Raider by Tactical Dev.

Ripstick & F10 Charging Handles

The Ripstick is the O.G. charging handle for the Flux Raider. One of the hurdles with the Raider is an easier and more intuitive way to rack the slide. Yes, you can simply drop the slide release or press check it to send a round into the chamber. What the Ripstick does is add an quality of life feature to the Raider platform. It adds value by making it easier to rack a round into the chamber, clear a potential malfunction, or to conduct a simple press check. Tactical Dev’s innovation with the Ripstick greatly reduces the manual of arms learning curve. It also brings AR-15 style familiarity to a platform that can be cumbersome platform for new users to learn.

F10 Charging Handle

The F10 is Tactical Dev’s newest charging handle for the Flux Raider. This one hasn’t released to market yet it’s in final phases and should be out in the near future. The F10 takes inspiration from the top charging handle from the Mac-10. F10 still adds the same improvements that the Ripstick does just in a different form factor. Giving the end user the ability to choose the best option for themselves.

Forward Operating Pedal

The last accessory for the Flux Raider by Tactical Dev is the Forward Operating Pedal or FOP for short. The FOP is a brake pedal that can be added to the Raider brace to reduce muzzle rise when shooting. The brake allows shooter to add down force to the front end Raider to reduce muzzle flip when shooting. This will also allow for faster follow shots with greater accuracy on target. It’s an simple and eloquent addition to the platform that in turn can increase overall effectiveness with the platform. All in all it’s an simple concept with awesome results.

At the end of the day Tactical Dev is designing, prototyping, and creating innovative products. Products that enhance the quality of life and the effectiveness of the SIG P365 platform and the Flux Raider platform. Tactical Dev isn’t just sitting on its heels. The company is making strides into the P320 and AR-15 platforms. It’s a small and innovative company looking to create accessories that create utility to the end user, which we are all looking for. For more on Tactical Dev and all their amazing products, click here.

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