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April 25th, 2022,

Early this year at Shot Show 2022, Holosun introduced the new Solar Charging Sight or SCS for short. The optic uses the power of the sun on its solar panel to keep the internal 2-year battery charged. At Shot Show only a red version was talked about by Holosun. Recently, Holosun announced they would be releasing a green variant of the optic called the SCS-MOS-GR.

Below, is the press release from Holosun on the new green variant of the SCS optic.

Press Release

HOLOSUN is excited to announce the innovative SCS-MOS-GR with our Super Green LED technology. The SCS-MOS-GR features indefinite power when light is applied to the solar cell, and the ability to maintain an internal reserve of two years of battery life for low or no light conditions. Holosun’s Auto Mode programming coupled with multiple photo sensors adjust the reticle intensity to match any lighting scenario.

SCS also features a low battery indicator when powered on, a high brightness override mode for special scenarios, and the Holosun Multi-reticle System. With no need to replace batteries and Holosun’s Solar /Auto Mode innovations, the SCS-MOS-GR is the pinnacle of pistol optic technology.

Due to the stringent requirements of the SCS, the red LED does not meet the battery life performance standards we have set with the SCS green. Therefore, we have decided to release the green model only rather than release two models with substantially different performance. Be sure to follow @holosunoptics for more details on the upcoming SCS-MOS-GR.

At the time of writing this article the new green dot SCS isn’t available yet. It is listed on websites like Euro Optic but labeled as “out of stock”. The new optic has a release window of May, according to Holosun’s website.

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