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By Drew Bryant
August 7th, 2022,

Armored Republic better known as AR500, has recently released their new hybrid series of A3 body armor. The new hybrid plates are a combination of steel and polyethylene to capture the benefits of both armor types, according to Armored Republic. Let’s take a closer look into AR500’s new hybrid plates.

The new hybrid plates from AR500 are built on the company’s patent-pending Alloy Composite Technology. This new technology consists of a front steel plate and a polyethylene backing. The new design allows for the plates to weigh in at 4.6 lbs and with a thickness of .7” inches.

The hybrid design of the A3 plates allow for plates to provide Level III+ protection. Level III+ protection is rated to stop 5.56 (M193 & M855), 7.62x39mm, and 7.62x51mm. Armored Republic also advertise the plates are multi hit capable providing protection against the calibers stated before. The Armored Republic hybrid A3 plates have passed NIJ testing and is currently pending NIJ approval and certification.

Below, is the product description and specs of the Armored Republic Hybrid A3 plates.

Product Description

A winner-take-all mentality applied to armor: The curved A3 body armor minimizes the compromises one must make when choosing armor by emphasizing the strengths of two different armor types: Polyethylene and Steel. Historically, these two materials have been separated and contrasted with an either-or mentality. The A3 removes that completely by using each in one plate.

The A3 plate’s steel strike face provides a higher level of protection than a PE plate alone. It’s able to stop the most common variants of 5.56x45MM such as mild steel penetrator M855 “Green Tip”, M193 Ball and 7.62x51MM NATO M80 Ball.

The polyethylene backer provides a lightweight backing that can absorb a round after the steel mitigates the impact. More Protection. Thinner. Lightweight. This FragLock coated plate can stop steel penetrator rounds like the M855, is 30% thinner than our PE armor at only 0.7″, and weighs only 4.6 lbs.

All this comes in an ergonomic design to wrap around your chest and back. The patent-pending Alloy Composite Technology is an innovation you’ll find only at the Armored Republic, and we’re proud to present it to you.


Material: Alloy, polyethylene & polyurea cover

Protection: 7.62x51mm NATO M80 Ball, steel-jacketed bullets (U.S. Military designation M80) with a specified mass of 9.6 g (147gr) and a velocity of 2,780 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s). Special threat protection against M193, M855 and 7.62x39mm PS Ball

Capability: Edge-to-edge multi-hit protection

Form: Curved

Dimensions & Compatibility:

10″ x 12″
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Thickness: 0.7 inches
Plate Carriers: Testudo, Valkyrie & Invictus
Shelf life: 5 years

Compatibility: Testudo, Valkyrie & Invictus Carriers

Manufactured: United States (pending NIJ approval for 0101.06 certification (all tests passed))

The hybrid A3 plates are available on Armored Republic’s website. The new A3 plate retails for $399 a plate. One plate and two trauma pads will run you $477 MSRP.

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