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By Drew Bryant
September 21, 2022,

Over the past couple of years major events inside and outside our industry where cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. One of those casualties of the pandemic was TRIGGRCON 2020 & 2021. Now, after a two year hiatus TRIGGRCON is back! TRIGGRCON 2022 is also moving from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest. TRIGGRCON 2022 will be happening in Falls River, Kansas at the Oak Hunting Lodge. The event will be taking place between October 7th-8th and it will be open to media, industry professionals, and firearm enthusiasts.

Below, is the press release from Rainier Arms and UN12 on TRIGGRCON 2022.

Press Release

Rainier Arms & UN12 are excited to announce they’ll be hosting TRIGGRCON 2022 near Wichita, Kansas. This year’s expo will be held at the premier Flint Oak Hunting Lodge in Flint Oak, KS.

The dates for the expo are October 7th-8th, 2022. Range day and exhibitor events will be running concurrently.

Go to one, then the other, or walk back and forth!

Why Attend TRIGGRCON 22?

TRIGGRCON features the most innovative companies in the tactical small arms industry. This is not just a trade show for manufacturers but also an opportunity to become a part of the firearms community.
What Sets Apart This Expo?
TRIGGRCON is an evolution of the Shooting Sports Expo, now expanded to a 2-day event. We will be featuring the very best of the industry.

Attendance is capped! A fixed number of exhibitors and visitors will be at the show. The cap is to maintain an intimate environment where industry thought leaders can be approached without crush or craziness.

This show is about building and maintaining relationships.

Another benefit to this exclusivity: several companies will be launching major new products at the show. Visitors can watch in real-time and talk to those involved. This show is going to be epic.

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