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By Drew Bryant
October 8, 2022,

Steiner has recently released their new lineup of T6Xi Tactical Riflescopes. The new series of optics will include different magnification ranges to handle a wide variety of tactical environments that a shooter might encounter. First, you have the T6Xi 1-6x24mm scopes, which are designed for close-quarters to midrange engagements. Next, you have the T6xi 2.5-15x50mm and the T6Xi 3–18x55mm that are designed for near to extended engagements. Finally, you have the T6Xi 5-30x56mm for a long-range precision shooting.

In total, Steiner will be offering three different reticle systems within the T6xi lineup and all scopes will be set in the first focal plane. On the illumination side, the reticles will feature 7 daytime settings and 4-night vision settings.

Below, are the press release and specs for the T6Xi Tactical Riflescopes.

Press Release

Greeley, CO – The leader in high-performance optics for military and law enforcement as well as the professional marksman, announces an all-new series of riflescopes covering the full spectrum of tactical shooting needs. From CQB engagement, overwatch, or long-distance target operations, the Steiner riflescope T6Xi series combines advanced German engineering with made-in-America precision manufacturing to deliver premium, rugged optics that are ready to fulfill any mission, anywhere.

Four models comprise the T6Xi series:

· T6Xi 5-30×56 for long-range and precision shooting

· T6Xi 3-18×56 and T6Xi 2.5-15×50 for near- to extended-range performance

· T6Xi 1-6×24 for close-quarter to mid-range engagements

The T6Xi series builds on Steiner’s legendary T5Xi optics developed for advanced tactical and competitive shooting, and incorporates the latest in Steiner glass and lens coating technology for brighter and clearer views in all light and field conditions. Upgraded locking windage and elevation turrets ensure maximum confidence while in the field.

Built on rugged CNC-machined extruded aluminum housings, the T6Xi series is fog proof and waterproof down to 33 feet and is made for hard use in the most austere climates. Low-profile Never-Lost™ turrets featuring windage and elevation locks plus a second rotation indicator simplifies adjustments in stressful shooting scenarios. The Never-Lost™ system shows each mil of elevation through the indication window on the elevation turret. After the first revolution, the mil numbers on the scale change automatically, preventing the shooter from getting lost on the dial.

Additional features of the 6X zoom riflescope series include four-night and seven-day illumination levels, a locking diopter ring to prevent losing reticle focus, and a throw lever for quick magnification adjustment even with gloved hands.

Three reticles are offered across the T6Xi line and are specially designed to work with the first focal plane platform. The T6Xi 1-6×24 comes with the all-new Steiner KC-1 reticle developed in collaboration with Jon Dufresne of Kinetic Consulting. This reticle presents a large aiming circle at low magnification for quick sight acquisition in close quarters and a detailed reticle view at 6x magnification for precision shooting. The three higher-magnification T6Xi models are available with Steiner’s MSR2 Multipurpose Sniper Reticle or the SCR™ Special Competition Reticle—both of which serve the precision long-range shooter.

For more information on the new T6Xi series riflescopes, contact your Steiner dealer or visit


Steiner T6Xi 5-30×56 Specifications

Magnification: 5-30x
Objective Lens Dia. (mm): 56
Tube Dia. (mm): 34
Focal Plane: First
Length (in.): 15.75
Weight (oz.): 34.5
Reticle: MSR2 – MIL or SCR2 – MIL
Windage/Elevation Click Value: 0.1 mrad
Windage Range @100 M: 25 MIL
Elevation Range @100 M: 26 MIL
Parallax Focus/Range: side focus/25 meters- infinity
MSRP: $2,874.99

Steiner T6Xi 3-18×56 Specifications

Magnification: 3-18x
Objective Lens Dia. (mm): 56
Tube Dia. (mm): 34
Focal Plane: First
Length (in.): 13.6
Weight (oz.): 34.4
Reticle: MSR2 – MIL or SCR2 – MIL
Windage/Elevation Click Value: 0.1 mrad
Windage Range @100 M: 30 MIL
Elevation Range @100 M: 34 MIL
Parallax Focus/Range: side focus/25 meters – infinity
MSRP: $2,414.99

Steiner T6Xi 2.5-15×50 Specifications

Magnification: 2.5-15x
Objective Lens Dia. (mm): 50
Tube Dia. (mm): 34
Focal Plane: First
Length (in.): 12.8
Weight (oz.): 32
Reticle: SCR – MIL or SCR – MOA
Windage/Elevation Click Value: 0.1 mrad / ¼ MOA
Windage Range @100 M: 30 MIL/50 MOA
Elevation Range @100 M: 34 MIL/60 MOA
Parallax Focus/Range: side focus/25 meters – infinity
MSRP: $2,184.99

Steiner T6Xi 1-6×24 Specifications

Magnification: 1-6x
Objective Lens Dia. (mm): 24
Tube Dia. (mm): 30
Focal Plane: First
Length (in.): 10.4
Weight (oz.): 20
Reticle: KC-1 MIL
Windage/Elevation Click Value: 0.1 mrad
Windage Range @100 M: 30 MIL
Elevation Range @100 M: 30 MIL
Parallax Focus/Range: fixed/100 meters
MSRP: $1,954.99
Check Prices on Steiner T6Xi Scopes

The new T6Xi series of riflescopes are coming soon from Steiner. The prices range from $1,954.99 up to $2,874.99, depending on which model you choose. For more on Steiner products and their new T6Xi riflescopes, click here.

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