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By Drew Bryant
October 17, 2022,

Mission First Tactical (MFT) is well known within the industry for making quality AR accessories, holsters, backpacks, and rifle bags. The company endeavors to make quality gear that meets their end users needs. Mission First Tactical is proud to introduce the new EXD Free Float M-Lok Rail System. The new EXD rail system from MFT blends form and function together to build a better rail system for the end user.

The new rail system from MFT comes in three different rail lengths: 10”, 13.5”, and 15” inches. The focus of the EXD rail system was to streamline and make the system user-friendly. MFT accomplishes this by first adding thickness to the walls of the handguard to add rigidity and stiffness to the system. Second, MFT reduced the diameter of the handguard to reduce bulkiness and to streamline its appearance. Finally, MFT introduce the M-Lok for better stability of lights and laser aiming devices when attached. These design and engineering choices allows for end users to put more rounds downrange without spending most of their time making adjustments or modifications to their setup.

Below, is the product description for the MFT’s EXD Free Float M-Lok Rail System.

Product Description

Boasting multiple improvements, the new EXD Free Float M-LOK® Rail System is designed with the modern shooter is mind. Streamlined and user-friendly, the updated design allows shooters more time to send rounds down rand and less time making field adjustments or modifications.

In addition, the upgraded upper receiver attachment system increases shooter stability and also minimizes the inner diameter, providing a more streamlined appearance. Updated modern wall thickness addresses the flimsiness of other rail systems by providing the strength needed to attach a variety of M-Lock® accessories.

• 7 sides of M-LOK®
• Anti-rotation technology
• IR anti-reflective coating
• Steel non-timing barrel nut
• Ultra streamlined appearance

The new EXD rail system is available now on MFT’s website. The prices range from $149 to $189, depending on the length of the handguards. For more on MFT’s AR accessories and products, click here.

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