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By Drew Bryant
October 25, 2022,

The Mantis system is one of the best, if not the best dry fire system currently on the market. We live in a time and place where ammo is expensive and money is tight for most Americans. So, dry fire becomes the way to keep up with and maintain skillsets. The Mantis dry fire training system brings innovation into the market that the industry has long been waiting for. The Mantis system is known for providing data-driven feedback to its end user to provide real-time feedback on their performance without the costly sacrifice of ammunition. Today, Mantis is proud to announce its newest offering, the Blackbeard. The new BlackbeardX is a technological leap forward compared to the original Blackbeard now giving end users access to new dynamic drills to enhance their dry fire training experience.

Each dynamic shooting drill from the BlackbeardX will give the end user a score based on a combination of your on-target delay, over-travel movement, and transition path. By collecting these data points and combining them with the BlackbeardX can show the strengths and weaknesses of the shooter which in turn would allow them to gain more from their dry fire training. While also allowing the shooter to tailor their training to their specific needs. This data allows the shooter to create performance standards and goals to aim for in the future.

Below, is the product description for the new BlackbeardX from Mantis.

Product Description

The BlackbeardX takes the capability of the Blackbeard into an entirely new dimension.

The BlackbeardX contains the MantisX technology that has changed the way shooter improve. Providing real-time feedback on shooting technique, with smart coaching and actionable analytics, you’ll never improve faster than with this powerful combination.

Blackbeard + MantisX = BlackbeardX

But there’s a whole lot more. In addition to static shooting analysis, the BlackbeardX unlocks unprecedented capability to analyze and improve dynamic shooting: high-speed movement with multi-target engagements. It sounds powerful because it is. Nothing has ever analyzed your capabilities like this before.

You can find out all the nitty-gritty here.

Installation takes less than a minute. Pop the rear pin, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in BlackbeardX, put the magazine in place to provide the power, and you’re off to the races. It’s a 20 second change-out. Dry fire away, counting how much money you’re saving with every sweet trigger break and reset that you hear.

The BlackbeardX is currently available on the MantisX website. The new BlackbeardX will retail between $319-$349 depending on the model. The Mantis BlackbeardX is available in red, green, or IR. If you currently own the original Blackbeard and you want to upgrade all you have to do is purchase the BlackbeardX power bank/magazine. For more on BlackbeardX and Mantis’s other products, click here.

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