By Drew Bryant
November 1, 2022,

Silencer Central is known for making quality, well-built, and rugged suppressors for shooting enthusiasts. Their Banish series of suppressors include the popular Banish 30, Banish 45, and Banish 46 suppressors. The Banish 30 was so popular that Silencer Central was awarded the Guns & Ammo Suppressor Of The Year Award back in 2021. Today, Silencer Central is proud to announce its newest addition to the Banish series with the Banish Backcountry.

The Banish Backcountry was designed by Silencer Central with hunters and outdoorsmen in mind. The company’s design philosophy was to engineer a lightweight and portable suppressor for avid hunter and outdoorsman. Giving hunters the ability to move comfortably through rugged and dense terrain.

The new Backcountry comes in at 5.5” in length and weighs in at 7.8oz. The Backcountry is rated for calibers up to .300 RUM and utilizes a six-baffle design to drop .308 Winchester to 135 dB at the ear. While dropping .300 Win Mag to 137 dB at the ear, which fall below the hearing-safe threshold.

Below, is the product description from Silencer Central on the new Banish Backcountry.

Press Release

The two most important factors for picking a suppressor for a backcountry hunt are sound suppression and weight, and the .30 caliber Banish Backcountry suppressor was built with those factors in mind.

The entire Banish lineup prides itself on being quiet and lightweight, but the Backcountry takes things to a different level. You get the same unmatched sound suppression and durable titanium construction as the flagship Banish 30 suppressor, but in a package that’s shorter and lighter than ever before.

The Backcountry is a fixed-length suppressor that measures 5.5” in length (5.7 with mount) and weighs just 7.8 ounces. That’s a full 1.3” shorter and 2.2 ounces lighter than the Banish 30 in its short configuration. That may not sound like much, but it makes a world of difference for backcountry adventurers who carefully pack their gear with size and weight in mind.

Rated for calibers up to the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM), the Banish Backcountry utilizes six baffles that drop the decibel level down to 135 dB for .308 Winchester, 137 dB for .300 Win Mag, and 138 dB for .300 RUM at the ear – all of which fall below the hearing-safe threshold.

Utilizing a 1.375×24 Universal Mount, the Banish Backcountry is a direct-thread suppressor designed to eliminate any extra weight associated with a muzzle device method of attachment, but it is also available with an optional muzzle brake attachment.

When size, weight, and sound suppression are of the utmost concern, the Banish Backcountry suppressor allows you to pack in ounces, shoot at hearing-safe levels, and pack out pounds.

All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.

The new Banish Backcountry retails for $1,099 MSRP including the $200 Tax Stamp it will cost you $1,299 plus tax out the door.

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