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By Drew Bryant
December 26th, 2022,

For fans who enjoy modernizing the antiquated foundation of the original AK platform, rejoice. BarWarus USA is bringing a clone of the Zenitco quad rail handguards to the US Market. The new clone handguards will be imported from Turkey, which will allow them to still be legally imported, unlike their Russian counterpart.

The ALPHA-1 features a two-piece design. The Top rail secures the main handguard to the top rail with eight set screws. The handguard is compatible with most AK-pattern rifles, except for AKs with milled receivers.

Below, is the product description from BarWarus on the ALPHA-1 handguards.

Product Description

This is the ALPHA-1 Handguards set for the AK family (Zenitco Style, designed and made for AK rifles. Consists of 2 parts in a kit. Pricing goes as well for the kit of 2 parts together (+ screws).

The ALPHA handguards compatibility: AK 103, 104, 105, 74S, 74M, AKM, AKMS, and rifles based on them. Not compatible with AK with milled receivers. Only stamped receivers.

Color: Black

Upper Handguard description:

Designed to be mounted together with the lower handguard rail with 8 screws + does not block the line of iron sight.

Lower Handguard description:

Picatinny rail on three sides. Allows installing additional equipment. Has a mini Basis rail on the bottom for the installation of accessories compatible with the Basis.

Installation manual: included.

Weight: 380gr together.

Additional info: kit sells and ships only together, parts are not sold separately, unfortunately.

Attention: handguards are in production. Pricing is reduced due to the pre-order option. After replenishing the in-stock qty, a discount would be eliminated.

The ALPHA quad rail is made in eastern Europe.

Release JAN 2023.

The ALPHA-1 by BarWarus is expected to hit the US market in January 2023. Currently, the new handguards are available for the preorder price of $350. The full retail price for the Zentico clone handguards by BarWarus will retail for $410 MSRP. For more on the ALPHA-1 handguards, click here.

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