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AGM Global Vision is know for producing high-quality night optics and gear for military, law enforcement, and hunting. Recently, the night vision company released the new Fuzion series of products. The Fuzion series uses a new thermal and optical bi-spectrum technology with a high sensitivity thermal detector and an ultra-low light optical detector. These technologies combined allows for the Fuzion to quickly detect hidden objects even under extreme environmental conditions. Giving users the ability to detect people or objects quicker in smoke, fog, rain, and snow.

Below, is the press release from AGM Global Vision on the new Fuzion series.

Press Release

Springerville, AZ – AGM Global Vision is continuing to bring in cutting edge products with the introduction of the Fuzion series monoculars. The Fuzion will incorporate both a digital night vision and thermal night vision to give the user the best overall experience possible. There are multiple versions of this new handheld with some boasting a Laser Range Finder (LRF). There will be 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm options in both 384×288 and 640×512 resolution, both with 12 micron displays and 50hz refresh rates. The Fuzion series comes standard with on board recording, 16gb of storage, a wifi enabled app, HD CMOS display, and up to 8x digital zoom from base magnification. This optic is powered by one removable 18650 battery or an external battery pack via the on board USBC plug.

MSRP on these units ranges from $2,200 to $3,039 and will be available in early November through authorized AGM retailers and distributors.

About AGM Global Vision

Based in Springerville, Arizona, AGM Global Vision designs, develops, and distributes a wide range of professional-grade night vision and thermal rifle scopes, clip-on systems, spotting scopes, binoculars, monoculars, goggles, multispectral lasers, infrared illumination devices, and more. AGM Global Vision showcases its wide range of products at conferences and trade shows domestically and internationally, AGM will continue to adapt its designs to the fluctuating needs and emerging technologies of the night vision and thermal imaging industries.

For more information about the brand or to view our entire product catalog please visit:

The new Fuzion series will retail between $2,209 to 3,039 MSRP depending on model.

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