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By Drew Bryant
January 23rd, 2023,

Over the past few years, EoTech has been stepping out of its comfort zone and expanding its product lineup. In recent history, we have seen EoTech introduce night vision and thermal devices to their lineup of holographic sights and scopes. Now, EoTech is diving into lasers and IR illuminators with On Gun Laser, or OGL for short. The new OGL by EoTech will be the company’s first foray into designing and building a laser aiming device. The new EoTech OGL will be the first full-power laser available on the civilian market.

The OGL is slightly larger than its competitor, L3 Harris NGAL. The new laser by EoTech is marginally more prominent than a deck of playing cards. This compact size reduces the product’s overall weight and footprint of the OGL. The OGL features a visible green laser, an IR laser, and an IR illuminator. The visible laser and the IR laser are vertically stacked together. Both lasers are co-aligned, and they share windage and elevation adjustments for a more straightforward zeroing process. The OGL also features a throw lever on top, allowing you to adjust the beam of your IR illuminator to fit the needs of your environment.

Below, are the product description and technical data for the OGL by EoTech.

Product Description

The new EOTECH On-Gun Laser (OGL) is offered in a standard power (MIL/LE) model. Powered by a single CR123 lithium battery, the OGL offers up to 9 hours of continuous run time. The all aluminum housing offers extreme durabilty and its compact size is similar to a standard deck of playing cards. The IR and Visible lasers are optically aligned so zeroing is simple and easy. The OGL has a unique sliding lever that controls the beam divergence of the IR illuminator, making adjustments from spot to flood fast and easy, even under pressure.

Technical Data & Features

• Standard power (MIL/LE) mode

• All aluminum housing for extreme durability

• Similar in size to a deck of cards

• Enhanced ergonomics

• Shared optical bench for visible green and IR aiming lasers

• Illuminator variable beam divergence: ~5 mRAD to ~115 mRAD

• 0.2 mRAD windage and elevation adjustments, 50 mRAD total

• Crane Standard PTT receptacle

• Modlite ModButton Lite 7″ switch included

• Tethered protective caps/patterne generators

The new OGL will retail at $2,199 MSRP on EOTech’s website. For more on the OGL or EOTech’s other products, click here.

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