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By Drew Bryant
March 14th, 2023,

Backup Tactical is a small company that makes quality barrels and accessories for the Glock and SIG P320 platforms. The company has many new products hitting the market in 2023. The first new product from Backup Tactical is the new SIG P320 Perfect Fit PROComp. The new PROComps from Backup Tactical are CNC machined single port comps that match the design language of the P320 slide.

Below is the product description for the SIG P320 Perfect Fit PROComp.

Product Description

Introducing the Backup Tactical Sig P320 Perfect Fit PROComp, the ultimate upgrade for your compact or full-size Sig P320 pistol. Made from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy and featuring a sleek black finish, our compensator is designed to reduce recoil by an impressive 50%. With its precise engineering, it fits the contours, cuts, and lines of the factory slide seamlessly, making it a natural extension of your firearm.

Crafted with top-tier quality materials and priced reasonably, the Backup Tactical Sig P320 Perfect Fit PROComp is the perfect combination of form and function. Upgrade your Sig P320 pistol today and experience the difference with Backup Tactical.

Backup Tactical’s P320 Perfect Fit PROComp is currently sold out on their website. The new comp retailed at $149 MSRP. For more information on the available options on PROComp and to check out Backup Tactical’s other products, click here.

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