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By Drew Bryant
June 16th, 2023,

WATCHTOWER is a veteran-owned firearm manufacturer based out of Spring, Texas. On Monday, WATCHTOWER announced its acquisition of F1 Firearms. The foundation of the company will be based on F1 Firearms and its success as a firearms manufacturer. This acquisition will further bolster WATCHTOWER’s position in the market while providing the expertise, resources, and assets of both companies to provide outstanding products and services to the industry. The aim of WATCHTOWER is to become the next great firearms manufacturer. They believe with the acquisition of F1 Firearms that dream will become a reality.

Below is the full press release from WATCHTOWER on the acquisition of F1 Firearms and WATCHTOWER’s future.

Press Release

SPRING, Texas, June 12, 2023–WATCHTOWER, a veteran-owned firearm manufacturing company based in Spring, Texas, proudly announces its official launch as the next great American firearms company. Led by CEO Jason Colosky, WATCHTOWER is poised to revolutionize the market with its diverse range of military, civilian, and precision firearms, suppressors, and accessories. The company’s name pays homage to the 7000 service members that gave their lives during the invasion of Guadalcanal, turning the tide in Pacific during World War II – codenamed Operation WATCHTOWER.

I am honored to lead WATCHTOWER into this exciting new chapter,” said CEO Jason Colosky

WATCHTOWER’s foundation is based on the recent acquisition of F-1 Firearms, Inc., a highly successful firearms manufacturer. This strategic move further strengthens WATCHTOWER’s position in the market, combining the expertise, resources, and assets of both organizations to provide unique products and services to the firearms industry.

WATCHTOWER will focus on three primary markets, catering to the existing consumer market that F-1 Firearms excelled in for 10 years, as well as expanding into domestic and foreign military & law enforcement markets. By diversifying its reach, WATCHTOWER aims to provide exceptional firearms to individuals for self-defense, sporting, and hunting while also serving the needs of military and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

“I am honored to lead WATCHTOWER into this exciting new chapter,” said CEO Jason Colosky. “The acquisition of F-1 Firearms brings together two exceptional companies, creating a powerhouse in the industry. Our collective expertise and dedication will drive us to become the premier firearms manufacturer, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation. Our goal is to build the next great American firearms company.”

Today WATCHTOWER will also celebrate its dedication ceremony, marking its emergence within the firearms industry. The ceremony will include a ribbon-cutting event attended by key stakeholders and esteemed guests, including former U.S. Congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. The presence of influential figures in the industry underscores the significance of WATCHTOWER’s emergence in the industry and its commitment to becoming a leading force in the market.

WATCHTOWER, headquartered in Spring, Texas, maintains strategic partnerships with vendors, federally licensed firearms dealers, and distributors globally. This enables the company to ensure broad accessibility to its products while maintaining its commitment to superior quality all while staying true to its promise of “Built in America”. 

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