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By Drew Bryant
September 23rd, 2023,

A couple of weeks ago, the UK Ministry of Defence adopted the KAC KS-1 as the new service rifle for Ranger Battalions and Royal Marines. This week, the UK government is adopting another American-made rifle. The UK Ministry of Defence selects Lewis Machine & Tool’s AR-10 as the Royal Marines new DMR platform. The LMT AR-10 is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, featuring a Leupold Mark 5 HD scope with a HUXWRX 7.62 flow-through suppressor.

Below is the full press release and details from LMT on the adoption of their AR-10 as the DMR platform for the British Royal Marines.

Press Release

In 2009, LMT was pleased to establish a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for the adoption of a new designated marksman rifle that would become the L129A1. This weapon was developed to field a solution for a long-range rifle that could also offer fire support in close range engagements. The L129A1 has been deployed to countless combat theaters around the globe and was eventually upgraded by the UK Royal Marines to an SSW or Sniper Support Weapon with a new sighting system.

After more than a decade of service, the UK MoD needed to update the L129A1 to a more modern, combat effective configuration. LMT, while working with LEI (Law Enforcement International) and the UK Royal Marines, revamped the L129A1 configuration to meet the demands of today’s battlefield and utilize improvements in weapon system capability. The current configuration of the L129A2 has changed in every characteristic aside from the fact it remains a direct impingement Monolithic Upper Platform rifle.

Starting at the heart of the weapon, the classic MWS lower receiver has been updated to the fully ambidextrous MARS-H system. This lower also brings the new AXLE two-stage trigger and fully adjustable DMR stock in addition to the mirrored controls. The monolithic upper remains backwards compatible with the L129A1, however features the warfighter preferred MLOK rail configuration for improved ergonomics and accessory mounting. This new rail is extended significantly to increase the platform for mounting thermal and night vision optics as well as laser aiming devices. Probably the most notable change over its predecessor is the L129A2’s new caliber. Now featuring an 18” 6.5CM for increased ballistic performance, the A2 gives the Marines a modern performance cartridge while still remaining mission adaptable and able to accept the A1’s 7.62X51mm 16” barrel with the quick-change barrel capability.

To round out the L129A2, the weapon has received a full FDE treatment with a Cerakote finish to match its furniture. A2 is also equipped with an improved accessory package for the new rifle and will include a HuxWrx Helix suppressor, Leupold MK5 HD rifle scope, and a Pixels on Target thermal sight.

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