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By Drew Bryant
October 5th, 2023,

In recent years, the micro-compact pistol market has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, driven by the success of pistols like the Glock 48 and SIG P365. Now, Taurus is set to make its mark in this burgeoning market with the introduction of the GX4 Carry. This new offering is poised to provide a budget friendly option for shooters and seeks to redefine what we can expect from a micro-compact pistol in this price range.

The GX4 Carry features an 15-round mag capacity, Teflon-coated operational parts, optics ready, and equipped with a 1913 accessory rail. The upgrade in magazine capacity and slim design from Taurus provides shooters with more firepower without sacrificing concealability. The Teflon-coated operational parts on the GX4 Carry, enhancing its resistance to wear and tear. This not only extends the life of the firearm but also ensures smooth and consistent performance over time, even in adverse conditions. All modern pistols come optics ready so the shooter can mount their preferred red dot to the optic. Finally, Taurus added a 1913 accessory rail to the GX4. This rail provides the flexibility to mount lights and lasers, making it a well-rounded tool for personal defense or home protection.

Below is the press release for the Taurus GX4 Carry.

Press Release

Bainbridge, GA — September 28, 2023 — Taurus USA proudly announces the launch of the highly anticipated Taurus GX4 Carry, the latest addition to the award-winning GX4 series. Setting itself apart from its micro-compact sibling, the Taurus GX4 Carry boasts a larger, but compact frame, delivering the perfect balance of capacity and concealability for armed citizens.

What’s the only better than the award winning GX4? The GX4 Carry, which expands the extremely popular 9mm carry pistol lineup to include the features that consumers asked for. TheGX4 Carry features the Taurus Optics Ready Option (T.O.R.O) for mounting optics (Holosun K-series footprint and similar). Unlike previous GX4 pistols, the GX4 Carry also features an accessory rail, perfect for mounting weapon mounted lights.

One of the best features of the GX4 Carry are its ergonomics, which are enhanced by the three available backstrap options. The grip is designed by shooters for shooters, and gives you maximum surface contact area in a small pistol. It also houses the 15 round magazines, making the GX4 Carry the capacity equal to much larger and harder to conceal.

Key Features of the Taurus GX4 Carry:

• Industry Standard Iron Sights: The steel iron sights are easily replaced with readily available aftermarket sights, allowing the user to customize to their preference.

• 15+1 Capacity: The slim, compact frame holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammo.

• Visual Loaded Chamber Indicator: Enhanced safety awareness with the visual loaded chamber indicator.

• DLC-Coated Barrel: Durability and performance even in challenging environments.

• Picatinny Rail MIL-STD-1913: Versatility for accessory customization.

• Flat Face, Serrated Trigger: Improved comfort and control for every shot.

• Easy Take Down Pin for Disassembly: Simplified maintenance with easy disassembly.

• Teflon-Coated Operational Control Parts: Enhanced durability for rigorous use.

• Reversible Magazine Release: Ambidextrous operation for user preference.

• Magazine and Grip Cuts: Quick and reliable reloads with designed cuts.

• Three Backstrap Options: Customizable grip for maximum comfort and security.

As the micro-compact pistol market continues to evolve, Taurus’s GX4 Carry enters the scene with a promising blend of high capacity, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to concealed carry, this pistol offers a compelling option that aligns with the demands of today’s firearm enthusiasts.

The GX4 Carry is set to be available for an MSRP of $504.99, making it an attractive option in terms of both features and affordability.

For more information and to stay updated on the GX4 Carry’s availability, visit Taurus’s official website.

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