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By Drew Bryant
August 20th, 2023,

In an exciting union of tactical expertise and cutting-edge design, GBRS Group and Agency Arms have joined forces to create a clean and practical slide design collaboration for the P320c. GBRS Group’s wealth of operational experience has combined seamlessly with Agency Arms’ renowned design and manufacturing prowess to produce a slide that masterfully bridges the gap between aesthetics and performance. The result is the remarkable GBRS Group X Agency slide, a testament to the fusion of form and function in firearm innovation.

Drawing upon decades of real-world operational insight, GBRS Group brings an invaluable perspective to the collaboration. Paired with Agency Arms’ innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, this partnership has yielded a slide that raises the bar for both visual appeal and operational effectiveness.

The standout feature of the GBRS Group X Agency slide is its meticulously crafted front and rear slide serrations, elevated to a new level through the addition of knurling to the slide’s surface. This intricate detail not only enhances the slide’s gripping capabilities but also contributes to its distinctive aesthetic, setting it apart as a visual masterpiece.

Furthermore, the collaboration incorporates Agency Arms’ patented Agency Optic System (AOS), a game-changing innovation that accommodates different red dot optics through the use of Agency’s AOS plates. This ingenious design empowers users to seamlessly adapt their P320c slide to various shooting scenarios and preferences, reaffirming the commitment to versatility that defines the collaboration.

The GBRS Group X Agency slide is now available for purchase on the GBRS Group website, priced at $699.99. This investment offers firearm enthusiasts the chance to elevate their P320c with a slide that embodies the synergy of two industry giants. Whether for competitive shooting, personal defense, or pure admiration of innovative craftsmanship, the collaborative slide beckons to those who demand nothing less than excellence.

The partnership between GBRS Group and Agency Arms has yielded a slide that transcends mere utility, embracing the union of aesthetics and function. The GBRS Group X Agency slide serves as a symbol of what can be achieved when operational insight meets design innovation. As firearm enthusiasts explore the possibilities offered by this collaborative masterpiece, it’s clear that the P320c has taken a monumental leap forward in both performance and visual allure.

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