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Court Is Now In Session: Taurus Unveils The New Judge Home Defender

The Taurus Judge is a very polarizing revolver. The revolver garners either a love or hate-it response from most shooters. Recently, Taurus announced the release of the new Taurus Judge Home Defender. The new Judge features a longer barrel, an integrated top Picatinny rail, and space to mount a weapon-mounted light or laser. As with the previous versions of the Taurus Judge, the revolver will still accept .45 ACP and 410 ammunition.

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Taurus GX4 Graphene: Budget-Friendly Firearm Redefined

Taurus, a name synonymous with budget-friendly firearms, has continually provided a diverse range of options to firearm enthusiasts, whether they seek pistols, revolvers, or rimfire handguns. While Taurus has long excelled in delivering affordability, their latest offering, the GX4 Graphene, marks a significant leap into sophistication and innovative features—an exciting departure from the brand’s budget-friendly reputation.

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Taurus Unveils New TH45 Pistol

Taurus is preparing to release its newest entry into its “TH” lineup. The abbreviation “TH” stands for “Taurus Hammer.” The hammer series of pistols from Taurus features a traditional SA/DA trigger and a polymer frame. Taurus is proud to unveil its newest entry into the family with the TH45.


Taurus Releases New Full Size G3 Pistol

This week Taurus introduced a new full size pistol, the G3. The new pistol will be apart of Taurus G-Series of pistols. The new G3 will be chambered in 9mm, a manual safety, accepts 10,15,17 round magazines, and weighs in at 25oz. The new G3 pistol is starts at $345.23.