By Drew Bryant
November 9th, 2023,

In a bold move to further solidify their presence in the firearms market, Walther Arms recently unveiled their latest addition to the next generation of pistols – the Walther PD380. This polymer-framed, hammer-fired pistol chambered in .380 Auto is designed for shooters seeking the perfect balance between reliable power and user-friendly features. In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse features of the PD380, from its innovative trigger system to its thoughtfully designed manual safety and decocker, offering a comprehensive look at a firearm that caters to a wide range of shooting preferences and requirements.

The Key Features of the Walther PD380.

Polished Design: The Walther PD380 stands out with its carefully crafted design. A polymer frame, lightweight yet highly durable, provides the foundation for this pistol, ensuring longevity and reliability. This combination of strength and weight savings sets the stage for a truly remarkable firearm.

DA/SA Trigger: The heart of the PD380 is its double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger. This design offers shooters the versatility to handle various scenarios. The double-action mode allows for a smooth initial pull, while the single-action mode delivers a crisp, precise follow-up shot. It’s a trigger system that adapts to your needs seamlessly.

Safety and Decocking: Security is paramount in the PD380’s design. A slide-mounted manual safety and decocker enhance the pistol’s safety profile. What’s unique is that engaging the safety does not immediately drop the hammer. This thoughtful feature provides added peace of mind, especially during holstering and unholstering.

Barrel and Serrations: The 3.7” barrel of the PD380 is more than just a tube; it’s a promise of accuracy and control. The 1:10” twist rate ensures your shots find their mark. The steel slide of this pistol features Walther’s SuperTerrain front and rear serrations, making slide manipulation a breeze even in challenging conditions.

Performance Duty Grip Texture: The grip is where you connect with your firearm, and Walther has paid special attention to this critical area. The PD380 features Walther’s Performance Duty Grip texture on the sides and rear strap. This texture strikes the right balance between comfortable handling and a secure hold, reducing the risk of slippage during firing.

Ambidextrous Controls: Left-handed or right-handed, the PD380 caters to all. The ambidextrous manual safety and paddle magazine release lever ensure that it’s an ergonomic fit for any shooter, making the pistol accessible to a broad range of users.

Internal Safeties: In the PD380, safety is not limited to external controls. The pistol incorporates two internal automatic safeties that work silently but effectively to keep you and those around you protected.

Magazine Capacity: Balancing firepower with concealability, the PD380 is equipped with a single-stack magazine holding 9 rounds. To ensure you have ample rounds at your disposal, the pistol comes with two magazines.

Dimensions and Weight: With an overall length of 6.49” and a weight of 20.6 oz, the PD380 is both compact and manageable. These dimensions make it an excellent choice for those seeking a concealed carry option without compromising on performance.

These design features collectively make the Walther PD380 a standout choice in the world of firearms, appealing to both seasoned shooters and those new to the field.

The Walther PD380 is available now, retailing for $449 MSRP. This price point places it competitively in the market, making it an attractive option for both experienced shooters and those new to the world of firearms.

With the introduction of the Walther PD380, the company has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in firearm design. This pistol offers a harmonious blend of power and ease of use, catering to the needs of a diverse range of shooters. Whether for self-defense or target shooting, the Walther PD380 is a compelling choice.

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