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By Drew Bryant
July 9th 2023,

Taurus is preparing to release its newest entry into its “TH” lineup. The abbreviation “TH” stands for “Taurus Hammer.” The hammer series of pistols from Taurus features a traditional SA/DA trigger and a polymer frame. Taurus is proud to unveil its newest entry into the family with the TH45.

The Taurus TH45 will be chambered in .45 ACP with a 13-round mag capacity. The new .45 from Taurus will feature a polymer frame, SA/DA trigger, and iron sights.

Below is a brief product overview from Taurus on the new TH45.

Product Overview

What’s the only way to improve the best selling TH-series of Taurus pistols? Clearly, make it in a bigger caliber: announcing the Taurus TH45. This polymer-framed, double-action/single-action semi-auto packs 13 rounds of 45 ACP into an easily controllable package for shooters who want a little more “oomph” in their defensive pistol.

The TH45 didn’t just take the existing TH-series and “make it bigger,” though. Each action component was carefully thought out to take the increased punishment that a big bore cartridge like 45 ACP will deliver. This was done while preserving the smooth double-action pull on the TH45 and still providing a crisp, duty-ready single-action trigger. Plus, like all other TH-series pistols, the TH45 can be carried “cocked-and-locked” thanks to Taurus’ innovative thumb safety/decocker.

The TH45 is not available for purchase yet on the Taurus website, but it is visible. The TH45 retails at $529, but some retailers have been shown prices at $439 MSRP. For more on the TH45 and Taurus other pistols, click here.

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