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Welcome to Obsidian Concepts (To also be known as O.C. for shorthand). The purpose of this blog is to share, discuss, and create a reliable source and sound information on firearms, gear, current military and law enforcement news. I have an obsession and passion for all these topics and I want to share them with the world. My goal is to be concise, accurate, and transparent in all my articles. I want this blog and Instagram page to be a place for support, learning and teaching so that we can all grow as people and shooters.

Laying the foundation for Information

When building a house or any structure you need a sound foundation. The information posted on this blog or its Instagram page will be sound and reliable information. Either from books, manuals, or verifiable content providers from the internet. I will do my due diligence as a creator to verify and confirm all information is solid. If any revisions need to be made I will make them fast and as promptly as I can. I feel there is too much misinformation or misconstrued information that I don’t want to add to that. So, all information on this blog will be factual or have resource material. If I am giving out a theory, opinion, or idea I will make that known to my audience. Transparency and integrity are key to me with this blog more than anything else.

Information to be covered in Blog

The blog will cover firearm and gear reviews, trends in the industry, guides, and stories. The purpose is to create a hub of useful information to help you improve as a shooter and protect you and your love ones.

New Products, Reviews and First Impressions

I will do it’s best to be aware of the new products being released in 2019 and beyond. Also, providing reviews of firearms and gear. I will work hard to create and foster connections with companies big and small within the firearms industry so you can have a source on the latest and greatest. First impressions articles will be just that…my first impression of the gear or weapon system. Until, I have more time to delve into the product. When writing reviews I will be honest, truthful, and give a fair review of the product. This blog is not here to be an influencer for any company. Period.

Trends in the Firearms Industry

I will cover and discuss the upcoming trends in the firearms industry. Everything from new firearms, training tools and training methods, and gear. To make sure that my readers are up to speed and aware of the new trends hitting the market. Also, with resources for my readers to look into the information for themselves. Weapons, training, and gear are always evolving a good shooter is current on the trends within the community.

Industry Spotlight and Stories

With the industry spotlights I want to show people inside and outside of the community a different perspective of these companies. I would like to do industry spotlights where O.C. interviews a company. Explore their products, what inspires them to make their products, the company culture, and how the company gives back to the community. Also, plan on shining the spotlight on people in the industry. Asking about their background, how the became a shooter, why the are passionate about shooting, and etc. Many times today the firearms industry is vilified and not shown in a positive light. I seek to change that here. There are a lot of smart, creative, and hardworking companies and individuals who love working in this industry. We should celebrate those companies and people.


I will be asking for shooting stories from you the reader. Stories about a firearm that has been passed down through the generations. Families enjoy hunting or recreational shooting together. Law enforcement and military sharing their experiences. Also, in stories I will be sharing my experiences as a shooter and my growth as a man and a shooter. Shooting crosses so many barriers and connects us in so many ways. We can use the recreation and mutual joy of shooting to bring people together instead of divide us. These spotlight stories will highlight these.


Obsidian Concepts is here to be a reliable and dependable source of information and news for the shooting community or anyone interested about shooting. I seek to inform and empower the shooter with knowledge to become a better shooter. To give honest assessments on firearms and gear so the shooter can make an educated decision with their hard-earned money. Lastly, to shine a positive light on the industry and people within the firearms community.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading. What do you think can help make this blog better? If you enjoyed this rant, hit that subscribe button and tell a friend! Only you can help us grow into the juggernaut that I believe this blog can be for the firearms industry.  Be Humble. Be savage. Have a great day everyone.

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