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Recently, I have been thinking about whose products I am always excited about when I hear the company is releasing a new product.  This company brings products to the market with quality design, craftsmanship, and best yet a great price. The company that came to mind for me was Strike Industries. I believe that Strike makes awesome products at great prices so I want to show them some love as a fan of there products. 

In the article I will talk about my first rifle build and how I ended up investing in Strike’s products. Discuss what Strike’s has to offer and what is coming soon from the company. 

Disclaimer: I will be completely honesty with you I am a fan of Strike’s products. I have been very pleased with their products I have bought from them and their performance. Personally, I believe they make some of the best products on the market and are a little underrated that’s just my take on it. Back to the article.

A couple of years ago I wanted to build my first rifle. I was able to finally get in a financial place to make that investment. I had a plan on spending about $1,200 dollars for my first build which I believe was sufficient enough. 

I began looking into products for my build. I like to think I’m all high speed and low drag when it comes to my firearms. When in actuality I’m a basic bitch. My mother always told me my grandfather would say, “Pay extra for quality and craftsmanship because it will last.” With that mindset in mind I tend to lean towards more expensive items to get that longevity out of the product. 

So, I started looking into all the Gucci brands in the industry. Geissele, Noveske, Radian, Spike’s, American Defense Manufacturing, Daniel Defense, CMC Triggers, and many more. I was looking at products that are synonymous for quality, craftsmanship, and that premium price point. Man, when I started seeing those prices I began to say too rich for my blood. So, I had to change gears and find products in my price point. 

For the longest time I had been interested in Strike’s products. It seemed like they had quality products for a good price. I did some investigating and started to read reviews on their products from customers and industry professionals. The consensus I gathered was that Strike was a solid company making good parts. So, I took the leap of faith and invested in Strike’s products. 

For the my first rifle build I purchased Strike’s 15.5-inch rail, M4 Charging Handle, Viper Mod 1 Stock, AR Buffer Tube, King Comp, SI Linked Curved Foregrip for the upper. For the lower I purchased the Extended Bolt Latch, M4 Fang Series Trigger Guard, and the Flip Switch. Like I said before the majority of my accessories are Strike’s on this build.

When it all came together it was a very good looking rifle in my opinion with Strike’s footprint all over it. Every product that was purchased  has run well on my rifle. The biggest surprise out of all the products I bought for my rifle was the King Compensator. I originally wanted to buy a Lantac Dragon but it was too expensive for my blood at that moment. I ended up giving the King Comp a try and I am completely satisfied. That rifle shoots smooth and flat on hammer pairs or if your letting it off for 3-5 rounds. Great job on that King Comp Strike!  Very impressed. 

All in all I have been very pleased with my Strike Industries products. If you are a person doing your first build or looking for quality products at reasonable prices you need to check out Strike’s lineup. Strike’s has a variety of products and solid lineup to meet your rifle needs. There products are designed well, good craftsmanship, and designed with the shooter in mind. If you are looking for a place to start. Start with Strike.

New Products

Strike is a company who is always thinking about building quality products for shooters. There designs are thoughtful, creative, and functional. Recently, the company seems to be focusing in on Glock products. I believe for Strike’s outlook this year it might be a little more Glock focused than normal. (So, be on the lookout for their Glock Products coming from Strike.) They have a lot of new offerings that are compatible for Gen1-4 Glocks. 

This year alone for Glock Strike Industries has release the Modular Blade Sights, Extended Magazine Base Plate, the ARK G17 Barrel, and Barrel Thread Protector for Glock pistols. All, of there new products come in at a reasonable price point.

The Modular Blade Sights retail at $49.95. The Extended Magazine Base plates are $19.99 a pop versus Taran Tactical Base Pad Firepower running at $40 bucks. The new ARK G17 Barrel that was released about 2 months comes in at $179.99. Which is a competitive price point for an aftermarket barrel. Finally, the Thread Protector comes in at $12.95.

Don’t think Strike is sleeping on the rifle market which is there bread and butter. Just this week they released a ambidextrous magazine release. Strike has added the Ultimate Dust Cover aka the UDC. The Viper Enhanced Pistol grip that comes in 15, 20, and 25-degree angles for user preference. They have new AR pistol stabilizers for your PDW, MCX/MPX, and a classic Blade. Strike is always adding more to their product lineup and its rifle lineup seems to be getting more robust this year also. 

The new ambi comes in with a sticker price of $37.95.  The UDC comes in at $29.99. The Viper Enhanced Pistol Grip comes in at $18.99.  Finally, Strike’s rifle stabilizers vary on price from $39.99 for the Blade, $179.95 for the MPX/MCX stabilizer, and $279.99 for the PDW. 

At, the end of the day Strike Industries is a company that designs and manufactures products for shooters by shooters. The R&D department within Strike’s takes the design of their products seriously.  There products breath that philosophy of design and function. 

The company sees that you can create a great product at a reasonable price. A price that is feasible for the everyday hardworking American. For that shooter who wants that quality product without the Gucci price tag. That is the market share that Strike Industries has taken by storm. Which allows for a lot of growth for the company within the firearms industry. Remember, strike hard. Strike Fast. Strike Industries. 

I will leave a link below to Strike’s website so you can check out all there products and what they have to offer. Go check out Strike Industries now! 

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All photos are taken from Strike Industries website or my personal photos. 

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