Two weeks ago on Crye’s Instagram page I seen a video for their new AirLite Technology. I thought it was innovative technology so I covered Crye’s new Convertible Chest Rig which is expensive but reasonable for Crye at $197.20. I know it is expensive but for Crye that is a reasonable price. Also, you have a new technology that is being brought to the market you can expect a higher price tag initially. It could drop but, I imagine it will stay around that price. To go along with the CCR Crye also released the AirLite Structural Plate Carrier.

The AirLite Structural Plate Carrier (SPC) comes in at a pound and offers all the lightweight mobility of their JPC. While providing the load support of Crye’s AVS & CPC. It pairs with the AirLite Structural Cummerbund that allows for gear to be mounted on both inside and outside of the cummerbund. The SPC is also compatible with their Extendable STKSS to help reduce weight on the shoulder and back. The SPC sheds unnecessary weight where it needs to and improves on overall ventilation of the SPC. Below I will add the list of features for the SPC directly from Cyre’s page.


• Made from AIRLITE®, our patented lightweight, strong, water-shedding material

• Easy 2-step emergency doffing capability

• Continuous 3D mesh interior panels for maximum comfort and ventilation

• Compatible with our zip-on panels (for use with sizes SM/MD panels only)

• Compatible with all our removable front flaps

• Vertical webbing loops on front carrier to support detachable chest rigs

• Quick attach side loops for add-on ballistic coverage

• Groin protection attachment points

• VELCRO® loop on back carrier for patches

• Vertical adjustment slots in rear allows for multiple height position of cummerbund

• Loops on the back of the shoulder straps to support small packs such as our AVS™ 1000 pack

• Low-profile cummerbund attachment allows chest expansion and provides maximum sizing range

What is the Price Point for Crye’s SPC? 

With this being a Crye Precision product you are expecting this son of a bitch to be expensive. In that regard you will be pleasantly surprised, it is not. Let’s put this in perspective first. Crye’s JPC 2.0 comes in at a price of $241.90. Next, you have Crye’s AVS system. I put together a basic configuration which is AVS Standard Plate Pouch and 3-Band Structural Cummerbund  and that came up to $395.10. Finally, the CPC comes in at $1,042.50. The price is so high because you have Plate Carrier and the CPC Plate bags. It ends up being quite expensive. That is just the price before taxes and shipping so the overall price will jump up by at least $30 bucks or more. Now, we have a frame to work within to understand the value of this new SPC.

The SPC from Crye Precision comes in at $169. Your eye are not fooling you people. A Crye Precision Plate Carrier comes in at $169. Which makes it competitive with the Ferro Concepts Slickster. The Ferro Concepts Slickster comes in at $154.95. The only caveat to the price is you have to buy the AirLite Structural Cummerbund that comes in at $83 bucks. Which makes the grand total $252. Instead, you could purchase the normal 3-Band Cummerbund at $53.80. Which brings the grand total to $222.80. Coming in below the price of the JPC before tax and shipping. Which makes it a better overall deal. It would have been dope if Crye added the cummerbund with the SPC but beggars can’t be choosers. Overall you are getting a Crye Precision Plate Carrier at a reasonable price that is surprisingly competitive within the the market.

I like the fact that Crye is releasing new technology to the elite war fighters on today’s battlefield without breaking the budget. I know a lot of people would like to try Cyre’s products but it’s a little too rich for a lot of our bloods. Hopefully, this is Cyre’s introduction into a different market that can get their awesome products into more people’s hands. 

What do you think about Cyre’s new SPC? Do you think it’s a fair price? Will the price point increase you chances of making a purchase? Let me know in the comments below.

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