Obsidian Concepts is nothing more than a passion project for me. It has been in my mental space for years now and it is finally out and about. I understand that it is completely in its  infancy at the time I am writing this post. I have only been creating content for this page for about 4 months now. During those 4 months it has been an absolute blast creating content for the O.C. I am passionate about  firearms, training, and tactics. That passion also spreads to coverage of the military, law enforcement, and our freedoms. 

The goal of my content is to have a blog where a reader can receive reliable information. I want to build a trust and respect between myself and the firearms community that you are receiving quality content. I am here for the new shooter to the advance shooter, to our men and women in blue, to our men and women in the Armed Forces. Obsidian Concepts is all for you. I want this to be a place to discuss, learn, and train. A place where we can evolve as people and as shooters. Obsidian Concepts is here for you as a resource tool. 

As, I was saying earlier the O.C. is in its infancy. What I am building now will lay the foundation for the future of this blog. The O.C. is starting to make a very small dent. Every month the O.C. has gained visitors to the blog and increased views of content, which has been awesome. The blog is making a small dent. The dent may be small but, a dent is a dent. 

Thank You

I just want to say thank you to every person that reads an article or views Obsidian Concepts webpage. That means a lot to me because without you I couldn’t grow. Every view or article read is increasing my reach. Where someone might think I make engaging content and suggest it to a family member or friend. Your click and potential voice helps me grow. I am thankful and blessed for everyone that sees and hopefully reads my content. I can’t say enough or thank you enough for your time. No, matter how big or little time you spent on this blog I am thankful. If you left it and thought it was a piece of shit. Thank you also. Without any of you none of this would be possible. I know it’s probably not the best firearms blog and forum out but, that is the goal.

I can’t express my thanks and gratitude enough for your time. Thank you again. I will keep working hard to make the O.C. a blog worth reading.

What can I do to make this blog better? What content do you enjoy reading about? What content would you like see to added? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for Reading 

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