On Monday, SIG SAUER released a limited run of the M17 X-Change kits. This new kit from SIG allows for owners of the P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU) to clone the M-17 that is currently in military service. This kit will appeal to people have a fondness for military history and want to clone the current U.S. military service pistol.

The X-Change Kit features: a complete FDE M17 slide(with barrel & recoil spring), grip module, and with three magazines. (2) 21 round magazine and (1) 17 round magazine.

Now, the new M17 X-Change kits aren’t completely 100% clone correct. So, if you are looking for a clone correct M17 this kit it’s not here. It comes pretty close though. It doesn’t have the manual safety as the military version has. Along with some other small differences. Yet, it does feature an actual complete M17 slide and grip module. While also has all the same military markings you would find on a real M17 pistol. The limited run X-Change kits from SIG retail for $499 MSRP.

To find out more about the M17 X-Change kits, head over to SIG’s website.

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