Last week at Gamescom 2019 there was limited news on Cyberpunk 2077. We did receive over a 100 photos of in-game screenshots that give us greater insight into the world and character design of Night City and it’s residence. A small presentation during Google Stadia’s press conference. Also, during Gamescom, there was a behind closed door game footage shown to press. The gameplay trailer was about 15-20 minutes long showing new gameplay and I believe a new area of Night City. 

I did a little of digging and found out that CD Projket Red put out a gameplay stream announcement on CyberPunk 2077 website. The stream will be on CD Projket Red Twitch and Mixer accounts. 

The announcement reads as follows:

Hey everyone!

We’re in Cologne, Germany, and gamescom is in full swing — we’ve already met with so many wonderful community members! For those of you at home — wherever home is — well, we’re not forgetting about you either. 

Next week we’re going to host a stream during which we’ll unveil a 15-minute edit of what we’ve been showing to journalists and gamers here at gamescom, and then interview devs from the studio for additional information on what you just saw. Expect a lot of insight into the thought process behind creative decisions, information about Pacifica—one of the districts of Night City—and TONS of stuff on playstyles you’ll be able to adopt when you launch Cyberpunk 2077 next year.

This stream will be available for everyone to watch, so all of you, wherever you are, have a chance to feel a bit of gamescom — or any other trade show — at home. Hosting the entire thing will be our very own Hollie Bennett, our UK head of comms, and the dev line up will include some familiar faces you know and like. 

There’s one additional announcement we have for you: we initially planned to showcase gameplay at PAX West, but there’s been a change of plans, and we’ll be streaming from Warsaw. The PAX cosplay contest is still on; we just won’t have the dev panel on-site this time around. There are many logistical (and some creative) reasons behind this decision, but the most important thing we want to say is that we’re sorry for the change of plans. We know that many of you waited to meet us face to face in Seattle and it bums us out that we won’t be able to see each other there. 

Watch the stream August 30th, 8PM CEST (11AM PT) on the official CD PROJEKT RED Twitch and Mixer channels.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077? Do you plan on purchasing the collector’s edition? Let me know in the comments below. 

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