On September 6th the Marine Corps awarded a contract of $250 million dollars to Harris Corp, to purchase binocular night vision goggles for the Marine Corps. 

These new NVGs (night vision googles) will be replacing the old school green tint monocular NVGs that have been used for decades. The new NVGs will be using white phosphor imaging providing a clearer image versus the green tint version. The new NVGs will be rolling out to infantry battalions by the spring of 2020, according to Marine Corps officials. 

The Marine Corps ordered 14,000 new binocular night vision devices. First, priority of new NVGs being handed out to infantry battalions. 

Lt. Col. Tom Hough, program manager of Infantry weapons spoke about the advantages of the NVGs stating, “Awarding this SBNVG contract and fielding these systems to the warfighter is one more step toward increasing the command and control, lethality and ability of the infantry squad to overwhelm our adversaries.” 

The new NVGs are a binocular system with a clip on thermal imager. The binocular setup will improve depth perception, ability to see in extreme low light situations, and in inclement weather. 

The use of white phosphor gives marines “a greater capability to see at night with more clarity, giving Marines enhanced situational awareness,” according to Lt. Col. Hough from the official press release. 

The Marine Corps sent out the initial proposal  back in 2018. The Corps expects the ordered to be fulfilled for the new NVG system by September 2024, according to the press release from the Marine Corps.  

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