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Early, this week Primary Arms released their Gold Series of rifle scopes. Primary Arms Gold Series scopes are meant for mid-to-long range shooting. Primary Arms is building a reputation for building scopes with crystal-clear glass, great reticle, and rugged. Primary Arms builds quality rifle scopes at a competitive market price. 

Primary Arms Gold Series lineup of scopes come in three different magnification ranges:2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x50mm, and 6-24x50mm. Each scope features a well built and rugged 30mm body, machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum for durability and weight savings. The Gold Series rifle scopes are also waterproof, fog-resistant, and duty ready scopes, ready to meet the challenges of austere conditions. 

Key Features

The three key features of Primary Arms Gold Series scopes are: Z-Lock turrets, clear glass, and their reticles.

Z-Lock Turrets 

When designing the the Gold Series Primary Arms sought after the next-generation of turret technology. With that in mind, the Z-Lock was born. 

Primary Arms replaced the industry standard brass components with superior aluminum and steel. Which creates true mechanical retention of zero. 

Here is what Primary Arms has to say about their Z-Lock turrets.

This patent-pending turret design offers peerless tracking precision and durability. Unlike other turrets, Gold Series turrets will not fade from use, retaining their crisp, tactile adjustments for a lifetime.

Gold Series turrets come equipped with ZLock™, our patent-pending button lock that empowers users to maneuver at full speed without the worry of accidental turret adjustments. ZLock is further enhanced with ZStop™, our latest return-to-zero system, which eliminates overtravel under pressure.


Having quality glass on a high performance optic is paramount. The Gold Series maintains Primary Arms tradition. 

The Gold Series gives users edge-to-edge clarity with minimum obstruction from the scope housing. Giving users a clear image that highlights every detail for the shooter. Their awesome glass pairs well with the first focal plane design. Allowing shooters to engage targets with speed and precision. The Gold Series scopes offer good eye rifle for better alignment and sight picture. With an day-bright and night vision illumination keeps your reticle clear and visible in any situation. 


The Gold Series comes in two reticle configurations designed to match the user’s potential application. 

Below is Primary Arms breakdown of the Gold Series reticle configurations.

Our 2.5-10x44mm scope uses the proven ACSS® Griffin™ MIL and ACSS® HUD™ DMR 5.56/.308 reticles. Stepping up in magnification, our 4-16x50mm scope comes with either the ACSS® HUD™ DMR 308 or R-GRID® 2B reticle. Finally, our long-range 6-24x50mm scope features the Athena™ BPR MIL and ACSS® HUD™ DMR 308 reticles, so users can choose between a refined MIL Grid or our trusted BDC system.

Primary Arms Gold Series rifle scopes provide high quality scopes at an amazing price point. This company seeks to innovate and create within the optics market. Their goal is to make the best optics available for the price. So, far they are achieving their goal. 

To find mid-to-long range scopes of this quality and price point is hard. Damn, near impossible, especially if we throw first focal plane into the mix. They are providing three quality scope choices for the mid-to-long range shooter out there at a awesome price. 

The Gold Series scopes are priced to sale. The Primary Arms Gold Series optics start at $749.99 and the premier model under $1000 at $899.99. 

The Primary Arms  optics come with a lifetime warranty and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Check out Primary Arms for more on the Gold Series scopes. 

What do you think of Primary Arms Gold Series of rifle scopes? Have you used a Primary Arms optic before? Let me know in the comments below. 

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