80 Percent Arms is well known within the firearm community for providing 80% frames and lowers for pistol and rifle. The company has a track record of providing new and unique products for their customers. Early this week 80 Percent Arms released their new GST-9 Ghost. The Ghost is a modular 80% pistol frame. 

The new GST-9 is built on a Glock 19 platform and will be parts compatible with a G19. I have not been able to find out the generation of G19 it is through the website. I’m assuming probably a Gen 3 or 4. 

What makes the Ghost special is it’s modularity. It will have the capability to switch between compact and full size pistol form factors. The ghost comes with two different frame adapters that allows for the switch to happen.  If gives users the flexibility to choose which size works best for them. Allowing users to use it for a conceal carry one day or a full size range gun next. 

80 Precent Arms said that spent two years studying customer feedback to build the GST-9. Trying to find out what customers liked and what they felt was missing and incorporated that into the GST-9. 

Below is introduction, product overview and features of the GST-9. 

Introduction of GST-9

Introducing the GST-9, the world’s first modular 80% pistol compatible with Glock® components and both Glock® 17 and Glock® 19 magazines. Engineered from the inside out to improve upon the original Glock® design, the GST-9 frame is packed with features not found anywhere else. We spent two years studying customer feedback to determine what features were missing among the different options, and not only incorporated what we found, but we gave you the option to choose how to build each frame. 

• Extended Internal Rail 

• Exaggerated Gas Pedal Cuts

• Nickel Mating Surfaces

• Trigger Guard Undercut

• Compatible With Glock® Parts

• Full 1913 Picatinny Rail

• Modular frame w/ Interchangeable Grip Sizing & Magwells  

Every GST-9 pre-order ships with two separate grip modules for both a standard and a full-size frame that snap in to the contoured frame for improved ergonomics and shootability. Flared magwells speed up reload times, and our ultra-slick nickel-coated rails which are three-times original OEM length keep tolerances tight and recoil managed for quick, precise shooting. Why settle for a pistol made for someone else’s hands? 

Product Overview

The complete GST-9 pistol kit is everything you need to build a top-tier handgun, at a production level price. Engineered from the ground up to capitalize on all the strengths of the Glock® platform, while also incorporating the most common aftermarket upgrades as standard features, we’ve created a pistol that not only ships straight to your door, but outshoots you everyday of the week. 


Every GST-9 Pistol comes with:

• The GST-9 Modular Frame

• GST-9 Grip Extension

• The Wraith RMR Cut Slide – Completed

• RMR Cover Plate

• AlphaWolf Black Fluted Barrel

• Glock OEM LPK

The GST-9 is currently available for preorder with shipping beginning in spring of 2020. The GST-9 normally sales for $749 but if you preorder now you can get the GST-9 for $699. Twenty percent off the original price. 

What do you think of the new GST-9. Would it be a 80% pistol you would buy? Let me know in the comments below.

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