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Shot Show 2020 is officially kicks off tomorrow. The whole firearm industry converges on the Vegas Strip for the annual convention. Shot Show is the industry event of 2020 to rule them all. Just as Sauron’s ring did long before. (Yes, that was a Lord of the Ring reference). Companies will be displaying new products and unveiling prototypes. Shot Show is the firearms industry version of CES and E3 Expo.

As, I began to prepare and chart my course through the myriad of products and content by vendors on the interactive map I became overwhelmed. The amount of vendors on the show floor is mind blowing. So, I took a moment to take a step back to really think what has caught my eye lately from companies within the industry. November, December, and early January firearm companies are revealing products and prototypes that are going to be available to see first hand at Shot Show. I did a little digging and found the Top 5 Products I am looking forward to For Shot Show 2020. 

Let’s get into it! 

5. Hiperfire Phantom Triggers

Hipefire is known for making some of the best customizable triggers on market. They have a trigger to fit your flavor as a shooter. If you are looking for an excellent precision, competition, or a milspec trigger Hiperfire has you covered. 

Back in early January Hiperfire announced a new drop-in trigger called the Phantom. The Phantom comes in four different configurations. Information was scarce on differences between the configurations besides one version that is designed for the Sig MCX. All the Phantom drop in triggers come with a 2lb trigger pull and adjustable shoe. 

At Shot Show I plan on learning more about Hiperfire’s Phantom lineup of triggers. 

4. The Return of the Colt Python 

The Colt Python is a gun, myth, and a legend in the firearms industry. Consider by some within the industry one of the greatest revolvers made. I have always heard about Python and seen it in movies and T.V. Now, after a 15 year hiatus the Colt Python returns and lands at Shot Show 2020. 

I am just looking forward to getting hands on with the Colt Python and learning more about it from Colt representatives at the show. 

3. Trijicon Ventus Optic

Trijicon is a optics company know for its quality, innovation, and durability. They have quite an extensive product library for sure. I think the next product into that library will be a game changer. That game changer is called the Trijicon Ventus. 

The Ventus has the capability of measure three dimensional wind velocities at six differences up to 500 yards. While also having the ability to range a target up to 5,000 yards. I want to learn more about the capabilities and limitations on what the Ventus can do.

2. Angstadt Arms MDP-9

Late in December 2019, Angstadt Arms released a cryptic video about their new submachine gun. It was so cryptic and G-14 classified that you didn’t even get to see a glimpse of the firearm in the trailer. On Angstadt Arms website they had a countdown until the reveal of their new submachine gun.

Then, in the second week of January Angstadt Arms released their new submachine gun/PCC—the MDP-9. What makes the MDP-9 different from other AR platform is that it has a delayed roller blowback system a la the MP-5. For me it’s the first delayed roller blowback system that has been developed for an AR platform. It is a fully loaded and versatile platform that Angstadt Arms has put together. So, I am interested to learn more about it from the Angstadt Arms representatives at Shot Show. 

1. Ruger-57 

When I found out about the release of the Ruger-57 through The Firearm Blog I was instantly interested. I am a fan of the FN 5.7 pistol but, it comes with an premium price. Ammunition is also quite pricey but, has come down substantially over the years. Along with Ruger putting out a competitor to the 5.7 pistol Speer Gold Dot has released 5.7 defense ammunition for 5.7 pistol. 

So, you have the Ruger-57 coming in at $799. Also, with the addition of defense ammunition makes the Ruger-57 an interesting choice. The success of the Ruger-57 could lead to more manufacturers thinking about creating a pistol chambered in the niche round. 

Alright, everyone that about wraps up my Top 5 products that I am looking forward to for Shot Show 2020. I know there will be more that missed out on this list. I can guarantee that. But, I will do my best to cover all I can at Shot Show 2020. Stay tuned for more.

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