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Last week, Wilson Combat announced the release of their Bulletproof Adjustable Gas Block for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.

One of the most promising features of Wilson Combat Bulletproof Gas Block is the carbon cutter designed regulator assembly. As, you rotate to adjust the regulator of the gas block, the sharp edges of the regulator scrape the internal walls of the gas chamber. Which in turn ensures the gas block won’t seize under heavy suppressor use. Below is a cutaway of the gas block along with an animated GIF of the regulator scraper in action.

The Wilson Combat Bulletproof Adjustable Gas Block are made of 4140 steel. The regulator assembly is made from 17-4 stainless steel. Both are coated with black nitride finish and surface treatment. The gas blocks are low profile and available in various lengths to include: pistol, carbine, mid-length, intermediate, and rifle lengths. These gas blocks are available for barrels with .750 and .875 gas block diameters.

To adjust the gas block you need a flat head screwdriver or similar flat face tool to do so. The built-in detent ensures retention of each of the 16 adjustable positions. Each turn of the regulator gives an audible click making it easier to know which position you are in by counting the clicks.

The Wilson Combat Bulletproof Adjustable Gas Block retails for $119.95 MSRP on the Wilson Combat website. The price for Bulletproof Adjustable Gas Block are identical for both the AR-15 and AR-10.

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