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Last September, Colt Manufacturing announced that it would take a hiatus from producing AR-15’s for the civilian market. During this hiatus Colt would focus on fulfilling military and law enforcement orders for AR-15’s.

About two weeks ago, Colt began manufacturing AR-15’s for the civilian market again. This was first reported on by Mark Keefe from American Rifleman. In his article Mr. Keefe writes that over 2,000 Colt manufactured rifles are currently on their way to Colt dealers throughout the U.S.

Mark Keefe spoke with Paul Spitale Senior VP of Commerical Business for Colt about the return to the market. Mr. Spitale discussed the return saying, “When conditions changed, and we were able to re-enter the market, we did.” Colt has been willing to return to the civilian market due to fulfillment of the domestic and foreign contracts. Now, with that market stabilized Colt has the ability to put energy back into its civilian production of AR-15’s.

With the uncertain and chaotic times of the pandemic and the protests and riots after the death of George Floyd gun sales in the U.S. have sky rocketed. For the first six months of 2020 their has been month over month growth in gun sales. May seen and 80% increase over last year. While June has seen a 145% increase over 2019. Americans are looking for weapons to use for self defense or home defense during these chaotic times. Colt is now looking to provide AR-15’s for civilian market. With supply and demand so high those 2,000 rifles will go fast, just like everything else at the moment.

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