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Yesterday, the ATF sent a reply to Q in regards to the reclassification of the Honey Badger pistol as an SBR and the cease and desist order that came with it. In that letter received by the attorneys of Q from ATF Chief Counsel Joel Roessner is, “temporarily suspending the Cease and Desist letter” in regards to the Honey Badger pistol.

In that letter from Chief Counsel Roessner it states that the suspension, “will remain in effect for (60) days…unless withdrawn or extended by the ATF.” The purpose stated for the suspension is to allow the DOJ an opportunity to further investigate the applicability of the NFA to the Honey Badger pistol by Q.

The attorneys from Q also inquired to see if the evaluation by the ATF’s Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division was also suspended but, did not receive an answer.

Until a decision is made by the DOJ or the suspension of the cease and desist is lifted by the ATF, Q will discontinue the sale or manufacture of the Honey Badger pistol.

The Loadout will continue to monitor this developing story.

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