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Odin Works new multi-caliber Enduro suppressor is now available for the market. The Enduro was first shown off at Shot Show 2020 at Odin Works booth. The new suppressor by Odin Works features a modular tubless design. That design allows for you to adjust the overall length of the suppressor by adding or removing baffle sections. The Enduro is a multi-caliber suppressor capable of handling from 9mm to .338 Lapua Magnum.

The Enduro comes with a removable thread adapter available in either 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 thread pitch options for direct mounting. You can also purchase a QD adapter for the suppressor that works with Odin Works OSM muzzle break. The OSM muzzle break and the suppressor body share the same standard 1.375×24 thread pitch making the adapter compatible with various other mounts. Such as such as SilencerCo ASR and Q Plan B.

The adapter of the Enduro is screwed onto a stainless steel blast chamber which is followed by two steel baffles. After that 5 aluminum baffles and the end cap. The Enduro comes standard with the 9mm end cap but you can purchase the end cap for 5.56, 6.5, and 7.62 ammunition types. The maximum overall length of the Enduro by Odin Works is 8.25”, an outer diameter of 1.5”, and weighs in at 19oz.

If you are looking to pick up an extra end cap it will cost you $30 per cap. For the thread adapter it will be an extra $50.

The Odin Works Enduro suppressor is available now and retails for $749 on the company’s website.

Below is the product description from Odin Works on their new Enduro suppressor.

Product Description

The ODIN Works Enduro performs as the name implies, a do it all Suppressor for your shooting needs. The Enduro is a featured packed modular suppressor design that has industry leading sound properties. Simply put, this can sounds amazing. You can shoot 338 Lapua through it in its full configuration or shorten it all the way down and shoot 22LR through it. For pistol calibers, the Enduro is rated for 9mm and comes with a 9mm endcap that will work with all other calibers. The Enduro comes with the body and two baffles made from heat treated stainless steel. It also comes with five 7075 hard anodized aluminum baffles for the shooter to use in whatever length fits their needs. The modular Enduro features different caliber endcaps, also 7075 aluminum, that can be switched out to match your gun’s caliber. At the other end, the Enduro has included thread adapters that can be changed to fit 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 threaded barrels. ODIN Works also offers an adapter so you can use your current OSM muzzle break with your Enduro for quick changes. The threading on the suppressor body is 1 3/8-24 so it will accept ASR, Plan B, and other compatible muzzle devices. If you can only have one suppressor, the Enduro is The One.

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