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In 2020, we witnessed a surge in firearms sales and ammunition sales due to the pandemic, defund the police movements, and civil unrest across the nation. That unrest lead to an unprecedented surge in firearm purchases and ammunition. The stress on the industry was immediately felt as gun store shelves and major retailers couldn’t keep firearms and ammunition in stock. Ammunition manufacturers weren’t able to keep up with demand as supply dwindled. With the limited supply the price of ammunition rose due to scarcity. Even, among the higher demand, scarcity, and break neck production schedule the ammo manufacturers experienced an economic boom. A boom that has continued into 2021.

On Monday, VP Sales and Marketing Matt Campbell for Winchester released a open letter to customers regarding a increase ammunition prices. This increase in price is due to manufacturing costs of ammunition, according to the open letter. This price increase will becoming effective May 1st, 2021 on all ammo sales including back orders.

According to the open letter you will see a price increase between 5%-15% depending on what ammunition you are purchasing. While you will see a 10% increase on components and a 25% increase on primers.

A basic understanding of supply, demand, and scarcity would tell you that an increase in price was on the horizon for ammunition sales in this country. It is the nature of a laissez-faire system.

Below, is a photo of open letter from Winchester Ammunition from The Gun Collective.

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  1. How about Winchester publishes the current prices to distributors, and the May 1, 2021 prices to distributors. Or event he suggested retail. Because in 2020, consumers saw a 700-1500% increase in prices. Winchester missed a perfect opportunity to shame the retailers back into line on pricing, and bring the market back to sanity.

  2. We learned this principle in community college: supply and demand. When people aren’t looking for much ammo, the prices drop. When everyone’s looking for ammo, the price increases. Why? Because people will pay. That puts the sellers at an advantage. But that’s how economics works. And they should, because they need to make money while they can: to help with their business. But not from me. I’ll use the ammo sparingly until better opportunities avail.

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