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Words. Words are the tools of language meant to breathe life and expression into the world. Designed to paint pictures of joy, hope, and peace. While having the ability to sow discord, hate, and fear. During the times of crisis I reflect long and hard on my words. In the most trying of times words have the ability to inspire hope and love.

I have meditated long and hard on my words on my response to the extreme act of violence that occurred on Monday. Words during these moments should be poignant and sincere. Elegant yet, impactful. After taking the time to meditate and reflect—now is the time to speak.

On Monday, the citizens of Boulder experienced the horrific and devastating violence of one man. His hatred and extremism on full display. His violence left a path of destruction, devastation, and overwhelming impact upon our humanity. All lost of life is too severe especially in the cruel and sadistic manner in which he took those lives. The pain and lost experienced by those families are unfathomable. Their loss will echo through eternity and will change the dynamics of those families and communities forever. This lost is unbearable upon the soul. A lost I wish was not experienced.

First and foremost…our love, prayers, and support goes out to the families effected by this man’s egregious and heinous acts of violence. During this time of mourning may God’s comfort and love flow over your families. We the American people support you and your families in this moment of loss. Let us honor and the victims and remember the importance of their lives.

This type of violence is abhorrent and vile. The perpetrator actions are detestable. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to pay for his deadly crimes. This perpetrator’s actions extinguished the lives of 10 people. While irrevocably changes the lives of their loved ones. Fathers, sons, wives, and daughters were lost. Aunt, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers were lost also. Violence of this nature is unacceptable.

Now, is the time for unity and healing. We must support those who are effected by this tragic and senseless lost of life while finding answers. We must be ready to accept the answers we find. Yet, me must understand they might not be the ones we want but, the ones we need. In this difficult time we need unity instead of political divisiveness and rhetoric. To solve this problem we must work together good faith, with honesty, and integrity. The answers to violence is complex. To find suitable answers we must work in tandem to solve those problems. While finding answers making sure we protect our families are safe and protected. It takes a community to raise a child. It will take a community and our community to reduce this type of violence.

This is not the time for politics and biased rhetoric from left, right or center. Now, is a time to come together as a nation and show our support to these ten grieving families in Boulder.

Now is the time to hold your loved ones close. To savor our lives a little bit more. To remember what is important. Thank God for the blessings and frailty of life. This is that moment. Don’t let it slip away.

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