The final piece has been laid upon the chess board. Our pawns, bishops, knights, kings, and queens in place. The strategies of freedom and authoritarianism begins in earnest now. The fight against tyranny from men and governments stands at the forefront of this great nation.

Yesterday, President Biden proved that he would not be a President for all Americans as he so claimed in his Inaugural Address. The actions he has taken are in direct conflict with the freedoms and liberties expressed in the Constitution. Instead, President Biden’s action seek to hold freedoms hostage. He seeks to abandon and betray the wisdom and knowledge of the Founding Fathers of this nation. To stand on the side of tyranny and to oppress the will of free men and women. President Biden instead seeks to empower the government to unfathomable new heights. This power will allow for tyranny thrive. This power will surely be corrupted by the ones who hold positions of prominence.

The President outlined his executive orders yesterday in a speech at the Rose Garden at the White House. In the first thirty days he wants legislation to stop the proliferation of “ghost guns”.

In sixty days he wants to publish “red flag” model for states to follow. Also, in sixty days the President wants ruling on pistol braces and how they should fall under the NFA.

President Biden also wants to issue an annual report on firearms trafficking and nominated staunch anti-gun advocate David Chipman to be the new director of the ATF.

These executive orders will do nothing to solve the extreme acts of violence in this nation. President Biden and his administration seeks to find the answer to this violence in the tool used. What he must look to are the signs and symptoms that lead to these acts of violence. Violence is complex and dynamic. These extreme acts of violence aren’t thought of and perpetrated overnight. These is a build up of many factors leading to an person’s explosion of violence. Those complex and dynamic signs and symptoms of violence are the key to reducing this type of violence.

That complexity would force politicians and Presidents to find real solutions to the violence in this country. Instead the seek to go after the tool which is metaphoric and can drastically change from one assailant to the next.

The next sixty day timeframe put into place will not drastically change violence or gun violence in this nation. The actions taken by President Biden do nothing but empower tyranny and restrict the will of free men and women. You seek to strip the American people of their right to keep and bear arms. To protect themselves and to fend off the tyranny of evil men and governments.

Your executive orders are in direct conflict with the principles of freedom and liberty that was written into our Constitution over two hundred and thirty years ago. Mr. President, you dishonor a document that was solely design by our Founding Fathers to protect the freedoms, rights, and liberties of all men and women. You should be a the champion and protect of those freedoms. Instead you are the power that destroys them.

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