Gunwerks is known for making high quality bolt action rifles for hunting and competitive shooting. Within Gunwerks you have Skunkwerks which handles their special projects for the company. Think of it as SIG’s Custom Works for an equivalent analogy. The Skunkwerks division just came up with another limited edition rifle called The Cut. When designing The Cut engineers within Gunwerks we’re looking to create the lightest version of ClymR rifle without jeopardizing its strength and integrity. In this build they extensively used lightweight materials and skeletonized parts for The Cut build. Gunwerks said they “cut the material, not performance,” when it came to the rifle.

The Cut was designed as a long range hunting rifle. The rifle is chambered in 6.5 PRC and 7 SAUM. To further reduce the weight while keeping performance Skunkwerks used: a titanium GLR action, a skeletonized buttpad, the stock is made of carbon fiber, along with a carbon fiber wrapped 20’ inch barrel. The barrel is threaded and comes with a titanium Gunwerks Directional Break. Also, whenever possible steel parts where replaced with titanium ones throughout the build. The aluminum bedding block was replaced with a magnesium one. Finally, the QD sling swivel sockets are also made from aluminum.

The Leupold VX6 HD rifle scope paired with the rifle has been reduced in weight by 8% compared to the original. At, the end of the day The Cut Rifle ends up being 20% lighter than the production ClymR rifles it is based off of. The 6.5 PRC and 7 SAUM rifles end up weighing in at 6.8 and 6.5 lbs respectively. That is with the Leupold optic installed.

Gunwerks The Cut rifle is only available in right handed action only. The rifle uses AICS pattern magazines. This limited edition ultralight hunting rifle comes at a steep price. The Cut rifle retails at $12,950 MSRP on their website.

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