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Recently, Winchester Ammunition announced they have been awarded the FBI contract to provide sniper ammunition for the FBI’s sniper program. Winchester will be providing .308 ammunition in this exclusive contract with the FBI. Winchester won a 5-year contract with the FBI to provide the ammunition at a price tag of $5 million dollars.

The FBI selected Winchester’s 169-grain Sierra boat tail hollow point ammunition. The FBI chose the Winchester ammunition after rigorous testing and examination process. The agency designated Winchester’s Sierra .308 as the best overall options based on their stringent criteria from the FBI.

Brett Flaughter, President of Winchester spoke on the expertise and hardwork of the Winchester teams on this contract saying, “To the East Alton and Oxford teams responsible for this great win, thank you for your diligent work on this competitive and highly technical project. This victory speaks to the talents and expertise of our team and I am very proud to see Winchester being selected once again by a premier national security organization such as the FBI.”

Back in April, Winchester was also awarded a $37 million dollar contract to provide the US Army with ammunition. The contract calls for Winchester to produce 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and .50 Cal ammunition for US Army forces. This FBI contract is yet another win for Winchester and it’s success in providing ammunition for the Department Of Defense organizations.

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