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Last Wednesday, EOTECH donated $50,000 dollars to Operation Recovery and their mission in Afghanistan. Operation Recovery is a private effort conducted by veterans to recover American citizens and Afghan nationals who support our efforts during the war in Afghanistan. This mission was put into place due to the debacle of the Biden’s administration withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of war. This grossly mismanaged withdrawal left many American and Afghans at the mercy of the Taliban.

As, a result of this failed withdrawal by the Biden Administration, Operation Recovery has decided to step in and help. Operation Recovery, is providing their support to the veteran group Task Force Pineapple. The goal of Task Force Pineapple is to safely bring back Americans and Afghan allies safely back to the America. The Task Force will be providing security, safe movement, and medical services to injured or displaced people.

Below, is the press release from EOTECH on their donation to Operation Recovery.

Ann Arbor, MI (September 29, 2021) – Afghanistan is in the midst of a crisis. Unknown numbers of Americans and Afghan allies are in desperate need of assistance. Operation Recovery, a group of individuals who served in Afghanistan, vows not to sit idly by while so many lives are in jeopardy. Operation Recovery is a charitable organization who supports the efforts of Task Force Pineapple, a group of U.S. veterans who are working to repatriate American Citizens and Afghan allies by helping fund safe cover, movement, and medical services to injured and displaced people.

All donations, including a major contribution from EOTECH, directly influence operations for the movement of at-risk individuals out of Afghanistan as well as continuing efforts for resettlement and reintegration once back in the United States at the community level. It is expected that Operation Recovery will take on a full spectrum of refugee aid in the coming months and time is of the essence – Operation Recovery’s list of assistance requests has swelled to over 4000 people!

The war in Afghanistan lasted 20 years and has left heroes broken mentally and physically. Some never made it home. Many are still in Afghanistan. EOTECH believes in the time-honored principle of No Man Left Behind. “American patriots and Afghan allies desperately need our help now,” warns Lisa Kemp, EOTECH Director of Marketing. In the true American spirit, EOTECH is donating $50K to Operation Recovery, supporting their grassroots mission of moving people to safety now, as well as the longer-term settlement of our veterans and Afghan allies.

Success stories from Operation Recovery give donors hope and encouragement. Currently, support personnel are caring for over 550 individuals while others are protecting 70+ persons at high risk of reprisal from the Taliban. To date, Operation Recovery has moved over 800 people to safety and there is still a great deal of work left to do amidst many challenges both now and in the future.

Veteran-friendly businesses like EOTECH recognize the urgent need for donations – critical funds that provide transport, food, lodging, medical care, and safety to those within the Task Force Pineapple network. The United States owes its freedom to the sacrifices of its brave military men and women, and now is the time to help veterans, fellow Americans and allies in need. “We hope our contribution to Operation Recovery encourages like- minded businesses and individuals to donate to this time-sensitive operation,” encourages Kemp.

Operation Recovery is incredibly grateful for the support and active involvement from the community. For anyone wishing to contribute, there are many ways to send money. See Operation Recovery’s website for complete details.

About Operation Recovery Operation Recovery serves America’s heroes: veterans, first responders, and their families. They provide awareness and support for veterans and first responders through supplies, training, housing, health services and community events, and provide charitable support for distressed Americans located abroad.

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