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The suppressor market is a very competitive within the firearms industry. Suppressor companies big and small are trying to leave their market on the industry while bringing something worthwhile to its end users. In the ways of optimal sound suppression, adaptability, innovation, and ease of use. One of those thriving in that area of bringing the most value is Silencer Central out of South Dakota. Yesterday, Silencer Central’s Banish 30 was named Guns & Ammo Silencer Of The Year.

The Banish 30 is capable of working with calibers from .17 to .300 Weatherby. It is a direct thread silencer with 5/28×24 thread pitch. The Banish is made out of titanium to reduce weight and can be used as 7” inch silencer or 9” inch silencer with its add-on. The 7” inch version has 6 baffles while the 9” inch version has 8 baffles. The Banish offers 34-36 dB of sound suppression. Silencer Central’s Banish 30 also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Below, is the press statement from Silencer Central on being awarded Silencer of the Year.

Press Statement

Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, is proud to announce that the BANISH 30 has been selected as Guns & Ammo’s Silencer of the Year. The BANISH 30, a 9-inch titanium suppressor that works with calibers from .17 to .300, was chosen for the award by editors, contributors, and staff of the magazine.


• Length: 7″ or 9″
• Diameter: 1-1/2″
• Baffles: 8
• Weight: 10 oz (7″), 13 oz (9″)
• Material: Titanium
• MSRP: $979

The Banish 30 is currently available on Silencer Central’s website. To see all of what this silencer manufacturer has to offer click here.

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