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Last week, hacker group Grief allegedly conducted a ransomware attack on National Rifle Association (NRA). During that alleged ransomware attack Grief collected 13 pieces of vital information of data from NRA servers. Once obtain the hacker group attempted to extort money from the NRA for an undisclosed amount. As, of today the NRA has declined to make any definitive statements in regards to if the security breach was successful by Grief or if the organization intends on paying the ransom.

The hacker group Grief posted that the NRA was a victim of its ransomware attacks on the group’s personal data-leak site. Brett Callow, a threat analyst for cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, posted the image of Grief’s website on his Twitter account. Grief has connection to the notorious hacker Russian hacker group known as the Evil Corporation.

On the Grief’s site they displayed screenshots of Excel spreadsheets containing U.S. tax information and investments. Grief also posted a 2.7 MB archive called “National”, that according to report from Bleeping Computer. The group claims that file contains Grant Applications from the NRA.

Last Wednesday, the NRA released a statement from NRA Pubilc Affairs Director Andrew Arulanandam in regards to the ransomware attack on Twitter.

Twitter Statement

NRA does not discuss matters relating to its physical or electronic security. However, the NRA takes extraordinary measures to protect information regarding its members, donors, and operations – and is vigilant in doing so.

Since that statement on Wednesday the NRA has not said anything publicly about the alleged ransomware attack by Grief. Now, the NRA faces the decision of either paying off the ransom or not negotiating with terrorist and let information drop to the public. One means surrender to terrorist threats while the other potentially cast an even darker shadow on the NRA and their questionable history of monetary responsibility. If the NRA caves to the pressure they would have to seek approval from the US Treasury because of sanctions placed on Evil Crop, which Grief has ties to. Whatever happens the NRA should be in the war room ready for whatever could potentially drop from these leaks.

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