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By Drew Bryant
February 1st, 2023,

SliencerCo is proud to unveil its latest suppressor with the new Velos Low Back Pressure suppressor, or LBP for short. The Velos LBP is SilencerCo’s answer for customers seeking optimal performance from a dedicated 5.56 suppressor. The engineers over at Silencer Co have balanced expectational sound quality without adding any back pressure to the weapon system to the host firearm. This allows for fewer gases to the end user’s face and reduces wear and tear on internal parts. The Velos LBP is 3-D printed out of Inconel and has no barrel-length restrictions.

Below are the product description and specs for SilencerCo’s Velos LBP.

Product Description

The Velos LBP is SilencerCo’s answer for customers seeking optimal performance from a 5.56mm silencer. The balance of exceptional sound performance without adding back pressure to the operating system of the host firearm sets it above the rest. Incorporating newer manufacturing processes, the 3d printed Inconel 625 core is fully welded to the 17-4 front and rear modules making this product unlike anything else on the market.

It’s compatible with SilencerCo’s Charlie accessories and has no barrel length restrictions.

It’s the most durable suppressor we have ever made, in part, due to the inclusion of our patented Hoplon blast baffle. To top it all off, we used V-Series Cerakote to make sure that the finish will hold up to extreme use.


• Caliber Compatibility: .223 REM/5.56 NATO

• Accessories: Charlie & ASR

• MSRP: $1,174

• Weight: 15.2 oz

• Length: 5.98″

• Diameter: 1.73″

• Materials: 17–4 SS & Inconel 625

• Muzzle average: 5.56 NATO: 137.1 dB

• Finish: Black V-Series Cerakote

The Velos LBP by SilencerCo is available now. The new suppressor retails for $1,174 MSRP. Also, consider the $200 tax stamp, which will leave the total at $1,374 plus tax and stamp. For more on the Velos LBP and SilencerCo’s other products, click here.

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