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When it comes down to our firearms sometimes we want a little flare and style. That makes the gun ours gives it a touch of personality. One of the ways of doing that is with color. One of the prominent colors when it comes to aftermarket barrels is gold. Understanding this, SIG Sauer has released gold barrels for the P320 and P365 pistol lineups.

Comments form SIG’s new Gold barrels from P320 and P365 pistols.

P365 and P320 Owners: Introducing the all-new Gold Titanium-Nitride factory replacement barrels for most P365 and P320 pistols. The high-quality gold finish enhances the aesthetics of your gun and gives it increased lubricity.

The new gold barrels from are available for the P320 full size, compact/carry, and subcompact/xcompact) and for the P365 (including X, SAS, and XL models). Remember that for the pistols with ported barrels you will lose that functionality with the new gold barrels. The barrels are finished with titanium-nitride for durability.


• Lengths: 3.6″, 3.9″, 4.7″
• Caliber: 9×19
• Finish: Titanium-Nitride
• Loaded chamber indicator: No
• MSRP: $199.99

• Lengths: 3.1″, 3.7″
• Caliber: 9×19
• Finish: Titanium-Nitride
• Loaded chamber indicator: Yes
• MSRP: $199.99

If your looking to add some style and flare to your pistol, you can pick any of these up from directly at SIG SAUER’s website. The barrels retails at $199.99 MSRP.

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