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Alright, ladies and gentlemen we are three days deep into collecting Black Friday deals for you. You have today and tomorrow to take advantage of some of these deals. Some companies are running Cyber Monday sales as well but, a lot end on Sunday. So, if you are looking for a gift for that loved one now is the time to act.

Online Retailers


Brownells will be offering an extensive list of firearms, firearm parts, accessories, and optics on sale. To find out more of what Brownells has to offer hit the link.

Midway USA

Midway is another online firearm retailer that have great Black Friday deals. Again ranging from firearms, firearm parts and accessories, and optics. To find out more check out Midway’s website.

Primary Arms

Primary arms is having an big Black Friday sale. Primary Arms has savings on name brands like Aero, SOLGW, Geissele Automatics, Rise Armament, and many more. For more check out Primary Arm’s website.

Palmetto State Armory

PSA will be offering some great deals on a wide range of products for the shooter in your life. If you are interested in their lineup of AK-47 or AK-V’s, now is the time to try and get them. They have some amazing deals on their website.

Wing Tactical

Is a smaller online firearm retailer. That is compared to the heavy hitters like Brownells and Primary Arms. Yet, they have a wonderful selection of products for all major firearm manufacturer and accessory manufacturer. Wing Tactical will be having up to 50% on certain goods. The retailer stocks brands such as Aero, Ballistic Advantage, BCM, Geissele, and Strike Industries. For more deals, check out their website.


Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is having up to 50% off their website. Bass Pro Shops has you covered for anything you need in the outdoor realm. To check out what Bass Pro has to offer click here.

Firearm Manufacturers

Ballistic Advantage (BA)

BA will be offering deals on their complete uppers, upper and lower receivers, barrels, and firearm components to complete your rifle build. To see what BA has to offer click here.

Bravo Company Manufacturer (BCM)

BCM will be offering discounts on complete builds, complete uppers, receivers, and firearm accessories. Click here for more.

Faxon Firearms

Faxon seems to be going in on their Black Friday offerings. The company has great deals on barrels (rifle and pistol), firearm components, and much more. Discount range for 20-50% off on products. For more on Faxon’s deals, click here.

Giessele Automatics

Geissele is having a sale on their slew of high grade and performance products. The discount on their website are up to 40% off and last until Monday. For more details on Geissele’s deals, click here.

Zev Technologies

Zev is having a Black Friday sale on their pistols, upper ansd lower receivers, components and accessories for your firearms. Savings up to 40% off, for more check out Zev’s website.


Black Phoenix Customs

Black Phoenix Customs specializes in aftermarket work for Glock pistols. The company does slides, stipple work, barrels, and parts for the Glock pistol. Black Phoenix has money off your order not specific discounts. To check out what Black Phoenix has to offer, click here.

Fail Zero

Fail Zero is offering a discount for their Black Friday deal. Fail Zero sales parts and accessories for the AR-15 platform. For more from Fail Zero, click here.

Nemo Arms

Nemo Arms are the purveyors of exceptional made AR-15s and AR-10s, barrels, BCGs, and receivers. Nemo is offering 25% off of .300 Blackout pistols and 20% off of their Battle-Light rifles. To check out Nemo’s rifles, click here.

Maxim Defense

Maxim Defense is having a sale on their firearms they manufacture. The discount starts at 10% today and ends at 25% on Monday. To check out Maxim Defense lineup, click here.

Strike Industries

Strike Industries is known for thinking outside of the box and seeking innovation within different platforms. Their website is on sale for the Black Friday deals. Discount varies on products. To check out more deals click, here.

Superlative Arms

Superlative Arms has 20% off site wide for Black Friday. You will be able to get discounts on adjustable gas blocks, piston systems, accessories, and more. Click here to head to Superlative’s website.

Tactical Kinetics

Tactical Kinetics is a smaller manufacturer who specializes in AR-15 barrels, Glock barrels and slides. The are offering 50% off on their products! To check out their inventory, click here.


Arc Division

Arc Division is offering $25 dollars off on any purchase. Arc Division is know for making aftermarket barrels, slides, and comps for Glock and SIG pistols. To check out what they have to offer, click here.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions (DWS)

DWS is offering deals on slide cuts, stippling, optic cuts, and much more. The company primarily focuses on Glock and SIG pistols. To check out DWS savings, click here.

L2D Combat

L2D Combat is offering 15% off their website. The company makes aftermarket barrels and slides for Glock and SIG. To check out their inventory, click here.

Night Fision

Night Fision is offering 30% off their entire website. To check out their deals click here.

Gear & Clothing

Ferro Concepts

Ferro Concepts Black Friday sale is on their whole website. You can get 10-20% discount on their plate carriers, belts, slings, and accessories. Ferro will have declining discounts. For the biggest discount hit up their website on Friday for the biggest deals. For more from Ferro, click here.

HRT Tactical Gear

HRT holiday sale is on their whole website as well just as Ferro Concepts. You can get up to 20% off on plate carriers, back panels, placards, and accessories. To check out HRT Tactical, click here.


Operator and veteran owned Kägwerks will be having 20% off of their apparel. So, you will be able to buy their shirts and hoodies at a discount. To check out Kägwerks, lineup click here.

Kore Essentials

Kore makes rigid belts designed for concealed carry practitioners out there. They are offering 20% off with a discount code on their belts. To check out what Kore has to offer, click here.

No Slack Clothing

No Slack Clothing is a gym and lifestyle brand. No Slack sells shirts, hats, and hoodies for both men and women. The company is offering up to 20% off on their website. If your interested to shop around, click here.

Savage Tacticans

Savage Tacticans is a veteran owned lifestyle clothing brand. The features clothing styles that are familiar to veteran without slapping you across the face that you were in the military. Sav-Tac is offering up to 30% off on their entire website. To check out what Sav-Tac has to offer, click here.


Blackhound Optics

Blackhound Optics is offering 20% off their entire website. Blackhound is an up and coming company who makes riflescopes for an amazing price. To check out their lineup, click here.

Defensive Mechanisms

Defensive Mechanisms is offering 25% of their entire website. The company makes and designs plate carriers, magazine placards, and clothing. To check out Defensive Mechanisms catalog, click here.

Grey Ghost Gear

Grey Ghost has Black Friday discounts up to 40% off. Grey Ghost Gear. Grey Ghost makes plate carriers, belts, pouches, and accessories. To check out what Grey Ghost has to offer, click here.

Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical will be offering 25% off their website. Grey Man specializes in scalable gear racks that can be setup in your home, car, or gun case of your choosing. For more from Grey Man, click here.

Haley Strategic

Haley Strategic is offering 20% off their website. Haley is know for the D3CRM Micro Chest Rig. For more gear and accessories check out Haley’s site here.


Inforce is offering 25% off their entire website for their Black Friday deal. To check out Inforce’s weapon light selection, click here.

LBX Tactical

LBX is offering 35% off of their entire website for their Holiday deal. LBX makes tactical gear and accessories. To check out what LBX Tactical has to offer, click here.

PSI Gear

PSI Gear is offering 25% off their entire website. PSI makes tactical gear and accessories. To check out their lineup, click here.

OP Tactical

OP Tactical is offering 12-15% off their website. OP Tactical has all your gear needs from Plate Carriers, belts, boots, gloves, and much more. To check out their entire selection click here.


Sarfariland is offering 25% off their holsters. To check out Sarfariland holsters, click here.

Vigilant & Humble

Vigilant & Humble is offering up to 30% off of their whole website. This company specializes in lifestyle clothing brand geared towards the 2A community. To check out there selection, click here.

Standby for more Black Friday deals and steals in the are coming in this weekend.

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