Last year, Walther introduced the successor to the popular PPQ lineup with Walther PDP. A year later Walther introduces the Walther PDP Pro SD. The PDP Pro is the performance model of the successful PDP series.

The new PDP Pro SD features: aggressive front and rear slide serrations, a 5.1” threaded barrel, a flat face performance trigger, flared magwell, and comes optics ready. The PDP Pro SD was designed to be an optimized version of the PDP that can be used in a duty, self-defense, or competition role. Let’s see how these features give a improved experience and quality of life features.

First, you have the match grade threaded barrel allows for the addition of a compensator or suppressor. Allowing that gun to either shoot quieter or flatter depending on which device you use. Next, you have the addition of Walther’s tuned Dynamic Performance Trigger. A trigger that has a short uptake, a firm wall, with a great reset. Which allows for shooters to get greater repeatable accuracy. Finally, you have a flared magwell to potentially conduct easier reloads.

The new Walther PDP Pro SD will be available in two configurations: full size and compact. The new PDP Pro will retail at $829 MSRP.

Range Time With PDP Pro

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At range day I had a chance to spend some time driving the PDP Pro SD. I had a chance to shoot both the PDP Pro Full Size and Compact with Trijicon RMR. Here are my hands-on impressions of the Walther PDP Pro SD.

From top to bottom the Walther PDP Pro SD is a well designed and well built handgun. Attention to detail and all the features built-in are thoughtful additions all shooters will appreciate. From your novice to your experienced shooters.

What I love the most about the PDP Pro SD is how it fits in my hand. The ergonomics for this pistol are amazing. It fits in your hand like it’s second nature. It just wraps around your hand snug like a warm blanket during the winter. Allowing for you to get a nice high grip on the frame of the pistol. Then, with its aggressive hexagonal stippling it lets you lock in your grip and aids in recoil management. From the moment you put this pistol in your hand it evokes a level of confidence in the shooter that this pistol is going no where. Which is always a great feeling as a shooter.

Now, we all know Walther’s have some of the best triggers out of the box for a striker fired pistol. (I dare you to find a better one.) That tradition continues on with the PDP Pro SD. Instead of the standard trigger from the PDP, now we get a tuned Dynamic Performance Trigger from Walther’s Custom Shop. Which turns a great trigger into a beast. The trigger is like a well orchestrated symphony. You have the slow build, a moving middle act, and finishing with an amazing crescendo. This is the symphony of music with Walther’s Dynamic Performance Trigger.

In the beginning of this symphony you start with a short and smooth uptake to the trigger’s wall. Slowly, allowing for the beat to build. The wall is well defined. Firm and true. The wall prepares you for the high notes of resounding middle section of this symphony. The break on this trigger is clean and crisp. It feels smooth and effortless. Allowing you to enjoy the whimsical, deep, and powerful notes of the middle act. While finishing with a strong crescendo. The reset is clean, short, and poignant. The mechanics and symphony of the trigger make it an experience you want to experience again and again.

This trigger on this PDP Pro SD is excellent. It allows for fast follow up shots and very fast shooting once you learn the nuances and dynamics of the trigger. I was able to shoot 5 rounds decently fast from about 7 yards away with all rounds on target. That is all due in part to this trigger. It allows for you to run this gun as fast as you possibly can.

The PDP Pro SD is yet another well built and well thought out pistol from Walther. I would love to get more time behind the PDP Pro to see what I can really do with this pistol and truly run it through its paces.

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